Brandon Aveiro – Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Wikipedia & Career

NameBrandon Aveiro
BirthdaySeptember 3, 2001
Age19 years old
Height168 m
Weight66 kg

Brandon Aveiro, a emerging Football player, hailing from Portugal, has not been featured on Wikipedia but. Brandon was born on September third, 2001, in Portugal and is recently based totally in England. He now performs for Crystal Palace F.C’s underneath 23 groups. Brandon Aveiro has not been featured in Wikipedia but. Know about age, height, wikipedia, biography, net worth, family, patner, net worth, career, facts.

Age, Height, Birth Date, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationship

  • He was born on September 3, 2021
  • Aveiro’s height is 168 meters or 5 feet and 5 inches
  • Additionally, he weighs 66kg

On the other hand, he has been mentioned on Crystal Palace F.C ‘s underneath 23 groups Wikipedia. You’ll additionally in finding his information on the switch marketplaceCPFC, Gateshead, and goats ranking. Brandon is 19 years old.


  • He is recently based totally in England
  • Brandon recently performs for Crystal Palace Football Membership Below 23 Group
  • He is the Midfielder and steadily performs because the Attacking Midfielder for the staff
  • He could also be at ease taking part in because the Left-winger or Proper-winger

His income through logo offers and ads are but to be known.

Brandon Aveiro’s current salary taking part in for Crystal Palace F.C is 590 pounds every week. As of his contract in 2021, his every year income quantity to 30,680 pounds. Right through his football career, the teen has earned 66,560 pounds.

Brandon Aveiro is of Portuguese Nationality.

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