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Chr Sharkey – Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Wikipedia & Career

Name Chris Sharkey
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Musician
Twitter @sharkestra

Chris Sharkey, whose Wikipedia bio remains to be lacking, is a musical artist primarily based in England who plays in the Dance/Digital style. Based totally in Leeds since 1999, he has devoted the remaining 20 years to creating ahead-considering new music that blurs limitations between improvisation, production, composition, and the related genres of those continuously separated fields. Chris is an lively nationwide and global artist, appearing with Charles Hayward (This Warmth), Jack Wylie (Portico), Curler Trio, Anton Eger’s Æ, Joshua Blackmore’s SiZE, Acoustic Ladyland, trioVD, Shiver, The Geordie Means, and as a solo artist. Chris’s biography remains to be to be featured through the professional Wikipedia.  Know about age, height, wikipedia, biography, net worth, family, patner, net worth, career, facts.

Age, Height, Birth Date, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationship

  • Chris Sharkey’s music is to be had on Bandcamp
  • Audiences can subscribe to him on the Bandcamp to strengthen him

Chris enjoys his personal existence privately out of professional existence, so his early existence and biography are arduous to crack. This is the reason his birth year and birthday are additionally personal away from the media. The attributes of the bodily look of Chris are nonetheless unknown. Sharkey is recently not to be had on Instagram. The hyperlink of Instagram equipped on his site says it’s unavailable now.


Chris has taught and led workshops each in the United Kingdom and out of the country in Norway and France. Chris is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire specializing in jazz guitar, ensemble research, and performance with electronics. Additional, he is a Jazz Guitar Professor on the London Appearing Academy of Music (LPMAM) and a Visitor Lecturer at NYJO Jazz Alternate & Aldeburgh Young Musicians. TrioVD is a musical workforce lively from 2006; Chris could also be a member of TrioVD. 

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