5 times BTS’ V and his angel saga won ARMYs’ hearts

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BTS’ V not only has appealing visuals, but his charming personality is a reason for fans to get swayed. The fashionista of the group knows exactly what ARMYs find endearing, making him a fan favorite.

V, aka Kim Tae-hyung, has several unique personality traits. From making the ‘tata mic’ face to talking to angels, the K-pop idol makes his presence noticeable.

His adorable habit of praying to identities he refers to as ‘angels’ is cute. According to V, ‘angels’ are equivalent to God for him. They are pure souls from heaven who help him guide him through thick and thin.

BTS’ V has been quite open about the tendency to talk to angels on variety shows and V Live sessions, among other occasions. Let’s take a look at some moments where the Christmas Tree singer shared a connection with his angels.

Five times BTS’ V shared a telepathic bond with his ‘angels’

1) The placard dilemma

In Episodes 135 of BTS’ variety show Run BTS, members were asked to pick out one card as part of a game. Each card listed an item’s name, which the idols had to hide from other members.

Once it was Kim Tae-hyung’s turn to select, he prayed to angels before reaching a decision. He said,

“I need to speak to the angels. I will pray for the smallest item.”

He got closer to a wall and prayed silently to his angels. After a while, he said,

“The angel said I need to pick either 2 or 3.”

BTS’ V finally decided on number 3 and was content with the item he had to hide. In his belief, his angels directed him to the right path.

2) Who would be the tennis server

In Run BTS Episode 130, the members competed against each other in tennis matches. SUGA was the made the referee alongside a person from the production team. The duel started with Jungkook and J-hope facing each other head-on, but the latter was declared the winner.

BTS’ V faced their leader Kim Nam-joon in an entertaining match. Before the game began, the duo had to decide on the server through ‘rock, paper, scissors. V paused and prayed to his angels to help him win. To everyone’s surprise, he won not just the chance to serve but also the match against Kim Nam-joon.

3) Rock, paper, scissors

In a dance battle in Episode 90 of Run BTS, BTS’ V was against SUGA. The duo had to dance to their song So What but with the choreography of Not Today. Other members, Jin, Jungkook, RM, J-hope, and Jimin, were instructed to judge the battle and declare a winner but failed to decide.

SUGA and V were then asked to participate in ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ Both wanted to win, but V’ angels came to his rescue. He prayed to his angels and defeated SUGA with ease. After the much-awaited victory, he said,

“Nice Big Tae, successful Hyeong.”

4) Praise for BTS through angels

In one of the episodes of Run BTS, V revealed his feeling about being in BTS. He said,

“I personally think that BTS, regardless of members but as a team, is a once-in-a-lifetime chance from God. Even for rock, papers, and scissors, I ask God what my opponent will make.”

The members laughed and teasingly reminded him that he doesn’t have a religion. BTS’ V responded,

“Even if I don’t have a religion, there could be angels from heaven.”

Further, RM revealed how V also prays to get his desired seats on airplane rides.

5) Angels are champions

In multiple game-related episodes, BTS’ V was spotted praying to his ever-supporting angels. He revealed that even when he was losing, angels helped him. While playing a game in a Bon Voyage episode, he said,

“The angels told me I’ll get number two. That was cool. Wasn’t it? I was about to get number five but then I got number 2.”

This was not the first time he appealed for angels’ help in games. In a Run BTS episode, he wanted angels to tell him the correct answer to slang for a meal eaten both as breakfast and lunch. Shockingly, he got the correct answer, which to him felt like proving his trustworthy bond with his angels.

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