7 Portraits of Nadi Djiwa Anggara, Nadine Chandrawinata & Dimas Anggara’s Children Who Was Born on a Beautiful Date

: Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara’s household is now more perfect. The reason is, the couple has been blessed with the eldest child who was born on a beautiful date, takni 22/2/2022. Happy news came from husband and wife Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara. The reason is, they are now officially parents because Nadine gave birth to their baby on Tuesday (22/2/2022) yesterday.. Follow Wikistardom for more Indo News.

Nadine and Dimas’ eldest child is known to be a girl. The happy couple decided to give their daughter’s full name Nadi Djiwa Anggara. Babies who are born healthy and perfect can be called by the name of Djiwa.

Nadine and DImas agreed to publish their beautiful daughter’s face through their respective Instagram accounts. Through Nadine’s Instagram story, Putri Indonesia 2005 was seen showing the decoration of the hospital room where she was staying which read “Its Girl” with a dominant pink balloon.

The couple was flooded with congratulations from fellow celebrities and their close relatives. Curious about baby Djiwa’s beautiful face? Come on, take a peek at a series of portraits below.

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