Learn about Sumbul Touqeer Parents

In an Interview with ET Times, Sumbol Touqeer reveal that her parents got divorced when she was just 6 years old and now her father is taking care of her and her sister. She even talked about her tough days and her special bond with her father.

Her father, Touqeer Hasan Khan is a dance choreographer in the television industry and her younger sister Saniya Touqeer is also an actress.

She is very attached to her father and whenever she has to be away from her home for a long span she misses her father very much. She also added.”I’m close to him. I missed ghar ka khaana. “

Regarding her parent’s divorce, she says my life is different, but it’s not difficult because I loved my father who took care of me and my sister took care of me like my father and mother.

My dad woke us up to school, prepared breakfast, and when we went to school he used to go to work.  I’m doing something for him now I want to make him happy. ” She added that she had very difficult days.

She said: “I remember how he sold everything before he came to Mumbai. There weren’t many days of our fight, but they were tough. There was a day when the only meal of the day was at the Vada Pub, but we didn’t complain.”

Insights on Sumbul Touqeer Family

Sumbul Touqeer Khan, living her father’s dream of accomplishing something big in her life, said: He saw his kids (my sister and me) very interested in dancing, thought about it, and finally packed his bag and come with us in 2016.

She went to Mumbai to test her luck in the entertainment industry. And she and her sister did a lot of Krishna and Ramreela plays in Delhi from where she turned to the acting field.

Sumboll Touqueer in a character Imli
Sumboll Touqueer in a character Imli (source :

Her father was very supportive and feels that children should make the choices they want and didn’t force or impose action on her and gave her time to think about it and make it happen within herself. 

Sumbul also states that she has tried to find a suitable wife for his father. I once tried to find a bride for my father, but the experience was not so great that he wanted to remarry. I hope he is ready for that too. “

She also shared that they currently live in a rental apartment in Mumbai. Now that her income has increased, she feels blessed and wants to buy her home for her father.

Religion Of Imli Actress Sumool Touqeer

Imli Actress, Sumool Touqeer hails from Delhi, India, and has a strong belief in Muslims. She is a talented young actress who won the heart in Imley’s title role at the Star Plus show and is pleased to be the daughter of her father.

However, belonging to a Muslim religion she faces lots of negative comments. Entering the entertainment world, people often misunderstand the industry and feel unsafe for young girls like her.

But her father made all the efforts to become the wind under her wings and supported his daughters like a rock.

Imli actress with her father and younger sister
Imli actress with her father and younger sister (source :

She added, “Thanks to us and his belief in our technology, we can make a small mark in the industry. He is always completely confident in our work. “

She began her career as a child artist in the serial Jodha Akbar where she worked as the niece of Akbar.

She and her sister Sanya Touqeer are proud to tell the world that they were raised by their father! And it’s the best Father’s Day gift that a father can have.

Is Sumbol Touqueer Married? 

Sumbol Touqeer is very young to get married. Also, there are no rumors of her dating someone or being in a relationship.

She is fully focused on her career and wants to progress a lot in her acting career. She wants to make her dad very proud and give him all the happiness he deserves.

She was very much into acting since her childhood which made her interested in her profession. She was even a participant in the reality show DID Lil Masters’, Hindustan Ka Big Star on Big Magic, and Star Plus’ India’s Dancing Superstar.

She joined a dance academy called Monika Verma’s academy known as Sehejmoodra Acting Academy and is a good dancer.

Along with the television industry, she also featured in Vaaste music video along with Dhvani Bhanushali. 

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