Alexandra Ariza Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Accident Rumours Real Or Fake?

Alexandra Ariza Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Accident Rumours Real Or Fake?, , , : A dreaded accident took place in New York gathering attention nowadays in the entire New York City and across the web.

The accident involved a lady named Alexandra Ariza.

The accident was recorded in CCTV footage and was so deadly that all the people who have watched the video are getting more concerned for the health condition of the lady.

The video of the mishap went viral all over the Internet and the current state of the supposed driver Alexandra Ariza.

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So, as we all know that such dead dealing accidents become quite common in major cities like New York.

On a regular basis, such news headlines collect the attention of the people.

Well, sometimes it was the car driver who was at fault whereas sometimes it was a misfortune.

People even paid with their life of other’s mistakes.

Alexandra Ariza became the next car crash victim.

As of now, the case hasn’t come to the attention of some significant sources of media.

But it is widely surfacing on social media platforms.

As per the reports claiming that Aeiza was a pedestrian who got fatally hit by a vehicle that claimed some critical injuries. As and when she was hit by the car she fell and fainted on the road. The onlookers then called emergency services arrived at the spot after a while and rushed her to the hospital. It is being said that she is suffering from severe injuries and receiving treatment in one of the hospitals. People across the city joined with the lady through social media trying to help Ariza to save her from hefty hospital expenses.

Ariza is currently admitted to the Incentive Care Unit of the hospital.

The accident victim is receiving well wishes from all over for her speedy recovery.

More details of the accident are yet to be disclosed.

Ariza’s health is stable right now and the team of doctors are trying their best to save her.

The lady is being said around 30 years of her age.

Apart from that numerous pieces of information regarding the lady is being reviewed so far. None of her family members made any kind of statement that can reveal the details of the circumstances. We also hope that the young lady gets well soon and get back to her usual life. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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