Andre Taulany Promises To Give This Gift If Tariq Halilintar Marries Fuji

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar’s Matchmaking: Andre Taulany requested for news about Tariq Halilintar’s relationship with Fuji. Andre then revealed that he promised to give the following presents if Tariq if truth be told married Fuji.
Recently, Tariq Halilintar was noticed as a visitor celebrity on Andre Taulany’s YouTube channel. On that instance, Andre discussed Tariq’s relationship with Fujianti Utami alias Fuji.
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Andre then demanding situations Tariq to marry Fuji. Interestingly, Andre even promised to give a Vespa as a present if Atta Halilintar’s sister if truth be told married Fuji.

The prize that has been ready by way of Andre Taulany is the Vespa Primavera S 150 which is reportedly priced at IDR 49.6 million. “Thariq likes the Vespa that Atta gave him. Anyway, if later Tariq gets married to Fuji, Om Andre’s gift is this,” Andre mentioned as quoted from his YouTube channel.

Tariq additionally appeared in the be offering and in an instant shook Andre’s hand. “Really, huh? Deal,” answered Tariq. However, Andre requested Tariq to be severe about his relationship with Fuji.

Tariq later showed that he had by no means performed round in a romantic relationship with Fuji. “I’m serious, uncle. When I do something, I don’t do it half-heartedly,” mentioned Tariq.

Meanwhile, it’s known that Tariq’s seriousness in having a romantic relationship with Fuji in reality turns out trustworthy. Tariq even appeared welcomed when he visited Fuji’s area and met his lover’s family.

On the different hand, netizens additionally appear to be busy supporting Fuji with Tariq. Not every so often the togetherness of the younger couple succeeded in making fanatics baper once they noticed it.

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