Apart from Jamal Mirdad, These 2 Artists Have Been Stumbled upon Land Fraud Cases

Alleged Fraud of Jamal Mirdad: Jamal Mirdad has been investigated for alleged fraud in the sale and purchase of land. Not only Jamal, the following 2 artists have also been in trouble with the law because they were involved in almost the same case.
Jamal Mirdad suddenly shocked the public for allegedly committing fraud. One of the victims has made a report related to the alleged fraud in the sale and purchase of land to the Polda Metro Jaya since last February 4, but was transferred to the Depok Metro Police.
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Based on the information from his attorney, Mustrolih Siradj, the victim admitted that he was cheated after buying land from Jamal Mirdad in 2015. During the transaction process, the certificate did not exist and until now the victim has not received it. The victim also admitted that it was difficult to communicate with Lydia Kandou’s ex-husband because he currently serves as a member of the council.

It turned out that apart from Jamal Mirdad, there were also several artists who stumbled upon a similar fraud case. Not as victims, Jeremy Thomas and Vicky Prasetyo were named suspects in fraud cases related to land ownership.

Jeremy Thomas had a dispute with Alexander Patrick Morris since 2013. Valerie Thomas’ father was reported on charges of fraud in the transfer of villa assets. Unmitigated, Morris claims to have suffered losses of up to Rp. 16 billion.

Then a few years later, Jeremy Thmas was named a suspect in the alleged fraud in the transfer of villa assets in 2017. The dispute started with Jeremy claiming to have sold the villa without any transparency to Morris as the holder of the land conversion lease.

Next, there is Vicky Prasetyo who is also involved in a fraud case and is in prison. Kalina Oktarani’s ex-husband was accused of falsifying land certificates in 2013.

The forgery occurred when Vicky Prasetyo was still the head of a non-governmental organization (NGO). Vicky even entered the wanted list (DPO) for the case.

Vicky was found guilty of stealing a plot of land with an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters with a value of Rp. 1 billion. As a result, Vicky languished in the Class II A Penitentiary, Bulak Kapal, Bekasi. Vicky served a prison sentence of 1 year and 6 months before finally being released.

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