Ashanty Denies Aurel Hermansyah Experienced Baby Blues, Comments on the assumption that Baby A is called an expensive baby

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Ashanty advised about Aurel Hermansyah’s situation after giving birth to her stunning daughter on Tuesday (22/2). He was additionally discussed about the identify of his grandson, which is nonetheless being stored secret.
Ashanty couldn’t cover his happiness at the birth of his first grandchild, which is the baby of Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar. However, when requested about the names of Aurel and Atta’s stunning daughters, which are nonetheless being stored secret, Ashanty stored silent. He mentioned Atta and Aurel had the proper to inform the identify of their stunning daughter.
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“It’s more appropriate to give out names, photos, it’s the parents first. This is their day and their moment,” Ashanty mentioned when met via at the Bunda Menteng Hospital, Jakarta on Wednesday (23/2). “Yes, for sure (to be announced), it will definitely be shown.”

Ashanty then commented on the assumption that his grandson was called an expensive baby. Disagree, Anang Hermansyah’s spouse is more comfy calling her grandson a distinct kid as a result of many other folks are looking forward to his presence.

“It’s not expensive, but it’s special, because the first grandchild of many families, their first child, are waiting for them, their fans throughout Indonesia are also waiting, that’s how special it is,” defined Ashanty.

Interestingly, Ashanty nonetheless can’t give a undeniable resolution about how stunning his grandson seems more like Atta or Aurel. According to Ashanty, the baby, called baby A, is nonetheless converting in look.

“We can’t see who he looks like now, but sometimes his face looks like a brother (Atta), sometimes he looks like a combination of brother (Aurel) and brother,” defined Ashanty. “So it’s still fickle.”

Furthermore, Ashanty mentioned that Aurel did not enjoy the baby blues, aka emotions of over the top nervousness and disappointment after giving birth. He mentioned Aurel was a robust mother figure with easy breast milk.

“Alhamdulillah, Aurel is not a baby blues, Aurel is also strong, her breast milk comes out a lot, she has a lot of calcium,” mentioned Ashanty.

“Alhamdulillah, I was really accompanying him from the start, I was really happy like a strong brother, brother was really very supportive, brother was also trying like he could hold his baby. If you put the baby there, he will look for it,” endured Ashanty.

Ashanty was additionally discussed about Atta Halilintar when he carried baby A. According to Ashanty, his son-in-law is now finding out to slowly lift his stunning daughter.

“Well, learn (carry) slowly. Right, if you take care of the child, there is no school, it just happens naturally, right,” concluded Ashanty.

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