Atta Halilintar Azankan Children, Baby A’s Crying Voice Even Becomes a Conversation Called Merdu

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Shortly after Aurel Hermansyah gave birth, Atta Halilintar sounded the name to prayer close to the ears of the princess, child A who was born on a stunning date, February 22, 2022.
Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah are glad. This is as a result of the couple was in spite of everything blessed with their first known kid as a girl.
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Aurel gave birth to her first child on a stunning date. Namely February 22, 2022. But till now, each Atta and Aurel are nonetheless hiding their child’s face.

Even so, Atta and Aurel nonetheless percentage their moments of togetherness with their child. Like not way back, Atta shared a second when he gave the name to prayer for his daughter referred to as child A.

“Yes son, papa’s son,” stated Atta attempting to calm the princess who stored crying. Not lengthy after, Atta in an instant chanted the name to prayer close to child A’s ear.

But as lengthy as Atta gave the name to prayer, child A was nonetheless crying. Therefore, Atta seemed in a hurry and fearful when he referred to as the princess to prayer.

Netter it appears failed to focal point on the sound of child A’s crying. Because child A’s voice was referred to as adorable and cute. Even the sound of child A’s crying is named melodious.

This is allegedly as a result of child A was born from a musician family. Plus, child A has a grandfather and grandmother who are each execs in the international of making a song. Namely Anang Hermansyah, Krisdayanti and Ashanty.

“The baby’s voice is funny,” wrote the account @ni*****29. “The baby’s crying voice is cute, melodious,” commented the Instagram account @kh*****ra.

“His voice is so cute. Is it because the Indonesian diva’s granddaughter is crying, her voice is cute,” praised the account @an*****na. “The voice is really girly, baby A, I swear that the prospective diva is actually a great diva, her grandfather is a musician,” responded the account @su****fa.

But on the different hand, some netters appear to have criticized Atta. This was it appears as a result of Atta was judged incorrect when he gave the name to prayer.

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