Atta Halilintar Unloads Baby A’s Different Calls for His Grandfather and Grandmother: It Will Make You Dizzy

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Baby A was born in the heart of the large family of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah. Atta Halilintar revealed that grandparents sought after to be known as otherwise via child A.
Atta Halilintar held a media press convention telling about the birth of child A, the fruit of his love with Aurel Hermansyah who was born on Tuesday (22/2) the previous day. On one instance, Atta revealed that every of his gorgeous daughter’s grandparents had a unique calling.
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“His nicknames are Papata and Mamanur,” stated Atta explaining his nickname and Aurel for child A in the video uploaded via the @viral62com account on Thursday (24/2).

Atta then defined that the two grandmothers of child A, Ashanty and Krisdayanti, sought after to have other calls. Likewise with Anang Hermansyah who needs to be known as grandfather.

“If the grandmothers are different, ask for it, Mother (Ashanty) asks for Grandda, if Mimi (KD) is Grandmi,” defined Atta. “If (Anang)’s cheek doesn’t want to be called grandpa, he wants grandpa. If uncle Raul grandpa wants it, I guess.”

Baby A’s name for Atta’s parents may be other. “If abi umi (Atta’s parents) is ona, what is it, so what language is Arabic,” defined the eldest Gen Halilintar.

With those other calls, Atta stated child A would be dizzy. “So it’s different what he wants to call, I think he’ll be dizzy,” concluded the YouTuber.

The video about Atta, which tells about the name of grandfather and grandmother for child A, was straight away commented on via netizens. Although some are involved as a result of of the many nicknames for grandparents, different netizens are additionally glad as a result of child A has a large family who loves him.

“This is delicious, baby ah, Eid will soon be over, from papata’s sister there are 10, grandma’s sister 6, THR money until next year’s Eid also doesn’t run out,” stated the @emak*** account. “Poor granddaughter… I haven’t gone to school yet, I’m already confused about calling my family members… Be patient if you want to train your memory… I can’t imagine how exciting the life of Papata & Mama Nur’s princess is full of love from all over… Sholehah, son,” persevered the account @ nori***.

“It’s dizzying, my father’s brother is right.. his mother too.. Even his grandparents from his mother’s side are right… It must be a matter of contention for the boy to stay when he grows up,” commented the account @amira***. “Not yet Yuni Shara, her mother is Yuni Shara then her mother is Anang, her brothers are Anang, her brothers are Ashanty and are really dizzy,” exclaimed the account @shen ***.

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