Ayu Aulia apologizes after causing a public commotion because she tried to kill herself by cutting her own hand

Ayu Aulia Tried Suicide: Ayu Aulia apologized for causing a public commotion because of the news of her attempted suicide. Ayu claims that her suicide is not worthy of being imitated by others.
Ayu Aulia has recently become a hot topic of public discussion. How could Zikri Daulay’s ex-lover suddenly be found helpless with a bloody cut after a desperate attempt to commit suicide?
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Thankfully, Ayu was immediately rescued after being rushed to the hospital. Now Ayu’s condition is fine. He was even willing to conduct interviews with media crews after attempting suicide.

Previously, it was reported that the 29-year-old model tried to commit suicide because her romance with Zikri Daulay ran aground. Even so, Ayu refuses to hurt herself just because of Zikri.

Ayu admitted that she had no intention of committing suicide because of Zikri Daulay. Even though she feels disappointed, Ayu makes sure that she is not depressed just because of Zikri Daulay.

“It’s always linked because it’s close to the river, actually, it’s not. I have no motivation to hurt myself because of him,” said Ayu Aulia when met by at the Captain Tandean number, Friday (25/2). “Asmara is a little disappointed, but that doesn’t mean it’s because of her too. It’s not all about romance, there’s a family.”

Ayu said that she must often be with the closest trusted person so that such incidents do not happen again. It is necessary for Ayu Aulia to spend more quality time with her loved ones.

“Must be accompanied by the closest people. Quality time with the closest trusted person,” said Ayu.

Finally, Ayu apologized if the news of her experiment had caused a stir in the Indonesian people. Ayu asked that his suicide was not imitated by anyone.

Ayu advises anyone who is under such pressure to immediately visit a psychiatrist. Instead of reflecting alone and taking reckless actions.

“I apologize profusely for causing a stir with the news. Not to be imitated, don’t advise me if it’s natural like me, don’t,” concluded Ayu. “You go straight to a psychologist.”

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