Ayu Aulia wants to commit suicide, the police are still checking the crime scene until a will is found

Ayu Aulia Tries Suicide: Beautiful model Ayu Aulia is about to commit suicide through reducing her personal hand. Ayu is found subconscious with splattered blood and a letter left through the model.
Beautiful model Ayu Aulia abruptly introduced stunning news. How may it not be, Ayu had simply tried suicide in her rental in the Kuningan house, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.
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Ayu’s family and supervisor have found the model lined in blood with her hand slashed. Ayu was additionally found subconscious after the door to her rental was forcibly opened through local safety officials.

It is not but known why Ayu Aulia attempted to finish her personal life. However, Ayu Aulia had time to vent on social media and admitted that she was depressed.

Not a few suspected that Ayu Aulia skilled critical pressure after breaking apart with Zikri Daulay. Meanwhile, Setiabudi Police Chief Kompol Beddy Suwendi has showed the incident.

Now his celebration is still engaging in additional exams and examinations at the crime scene the place Ayu Aulia was about to finish her personal life. “Meanwhile, checking the crime scene,” mentioned Beddy when contacted through on Tuesday (22/2).

Ayu Aulia has now been rushed to Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Ayu Aulia’s supervisor, Fahmi Aditian, mentioned the 29-year-old model was these days in the ICU receiving in depth care after a massive quantity of incision wounds had been found.

“It’s only been a few minutes. In his apartment, in his unit. It looks like there was a hand cut, because his hand was full of cuts,” defined Fahmi Aditian.

Fahmi Aditian additionally revealed that he had found Ayu Aulia’s handwritten letter. The letter lay beside Ayu Aulia, who was subconscious after injuring her personal hand.

In the letter, Ayu Aulia admitted that she simply sought after to die. Ayu feels unnecessary so she wants to finish her personal life. The letter that Ayu wrote was like the ultimate message she sought after to put across ahead of making an attempt to commit suicide.

“I don’t have to live in this world anymore. Let me go,” mentioned Ayu’s letter, which was revealed through the supervisor.

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