Azriel Hermansyah said after officially becoming uncle, expressed hope after Baby A’s name and face were revealed

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Azriel Hermansyah first commented after officially becoming an Om after his older brother, Aurel Hermansyah gave birth to his first kid. So what does Azriel suppose about child A’s face and name which was simply revealed?
Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah are additionally a more than happy family with the presence of child A who was born on the stunning date of 22/2/2022. It have been saved a secret, now it has been revealed that child A’s name is Ameena Hanna Nur Atta.
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Aurel’s more youthful brother, Azriel Hermansyah, additionally stole the public’s consideration. The reason why is, Azriel has now officially develop into an Om for his nephew.

Interestingly, Azriel expressed his opinion referring to the similarity of child A with Atta and Aurel. He additionally admitted that he was more than happy after his nephew was born into the international. That’s as a result of Azriel already needs a child in the midst of his prolonged family.

“When you sleep like Atta, when your eyes are open, you look like Aurel, I’m really happy, especially since I told Mother ‘bund make another one,’ eh, you don’t want it, it turns out, Sis Loly, I’m happy,” said Azriel, quoted from the YouTube channel. Star Stories.

The 2d son of Anang Hermansyah said that every one of his prolonged family were additionally more than happy with the presence of child A. “All the families are happy, when they are in the hospital they are all happy,” said Azriel.

Azriel revealed that there was no jealousy between his two more youthful siblings, particularly Arsya and Arsyi, after child A was born. However, there are instances when the two more youthful siblings nonetheless can’t perceive sure scenarios.

“Nothing, there is no jealousy, sometimes children don’t understand,” said Azriel.

As an Om, Azriel admits that he’s going to take higher care of himself. He can even be nearer and in accordance to what his parents and family say after his sister officially turns into a mother.

“Yes, maybe you have to take care of yourself more so that everything can be organized in the future,” he said.

Interestingly, Azriel said that the selection of name for child A was absolutely concept out through Atta Halilintar. He admitted that he did not intervene in opting for the name of his nephew. “Not all of you, Atta, the name you chose, Atta,” said Azriel.

Finally, Azriel hopes that his nephew will develop up to be a pious kid and obey his parents and family. “He prays that he will become a pious child who is obedient to his parents and family,” he was hoping for his nephew.

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