Beau Dee Aka Deandra – Everything About The Snowflake Mountain Cast

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The Snowflake Mountain, a new TV show that starts on June 22, 2022, has Beau Dee as a cast member. She is also known as Deandra.

What Is The Height Of Beau Dee Aka Deandra, And How Old Is She?

Also, Beau Dee Aka Deandra is not a real person. She surprised the audience with her tough journey on Snowflake Mountain, and the actress is a passionate contestant on Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain.

She is a strong-willed woman who works as a professional make-up artist and used to hire people in New Jersey. In the same way, she is an inspiration to women who want to work in this field.

Who Is Beau Dee Aka Deandra, And Where Is He From?

Snowflake Mountain is a reality show where a group of clueless kidults are sent to a wilderness survival retreat with no water, wifi, or parents to help them learn how to stand on their own two feet.

The age of Beau Dee is 25. According to, she is five feet and five inches tall and weighs 120 kilograms. She hasn’t said how old she is or when she was born in public, though.

She is a professional make-up artist who used to work in New Jersey and who loves dogs. She is a strong, independent woman who was not like the other kids on the journey through the wilderness.

Deandra is a passionate contestant on Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain, and her hard journey on Snowflake Mountain amazed the audience. People are interested in what she did at Snowflake Mountain.

Beau Deu Aka is a strong woman who joined Snowflake to win the program by using her skills and intelligence during the adventure. She is in the middle of his trip and hasn’t been given any special treatment.

Deandra is a popular contestant on Netflix’s reality show Snowflake Mountain. In Snowflake Mountain, she has to compete with nine other people who want to win. She has not yet been written about on Wikipedia.

People can’t wait to see if she gets the winning prize at the top of the Mountain. Fans liked how she never gave up and how different she was.

Deandra has not yet been shown on Instagram. He has been hiding information about her from the public.

Beau Deu is loved and cared for by a sweet family. He always had the love and respect of his family when he needed it. With the help of her family, she is living out her dream.

Also, says that she has been living with her father, mother, and two younger sisters.

Still, Deandra hasn’t talked about her father, mother, or sister in the spotlight. She doesn’t want her work to get in the way of her family life. She hasn’t even put a picture of her loved ones on social media.

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