Ben Feller Wikipedia

Ben Feller is an award-winning American writer, moderator, and speaker known for bringing stories and conversations to life.

He is currently a Partner at Mercury, a global consulting firm specializing in strategic communications. Ben provides strategic communications advice, including everything from advising CEOs to coaching leaders on how to better interact with their audiences.

The author specializes in developing effective messages for businesses, universities, foundations, and leaders and managing complex, rapidly changing media campaigns.

He has a sound awareness of how the news media operates and how to craft an effective communications strategy. 

Big Problems Little Problems Author Biography

Ben Fellas has a great bio and prior work experience, making him quite popular. The Big Problem Little problem author is a talented writer and a journalist. 

Before joining Mercury, Ben worked for The Associated Press as the top White House correspondent. He was in a prestigious position where he oversaw presidential coverage for a global audience.

He has a strong reputation for honesty and integrity across the political spectrum and good knowledge of politics and education.

Fellas served President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush for more than six years, covering all aspects of their domestic, diplomatic, and political agendas. Ben’s role as a chief correspondent was to help set the tone for the press corps, and he was frequently the first to ask a question at press conferences.

The author covered the last two presidents by flying aboard Air Force One around the United States and to more than 25 international nations. He has been known all around the world.

Ben Fellas Age: How Old is He?

Ben Fella’s exact age hasn’t been disclosed yet. Judging by the looks, he seems to be in his fifties. 

He is currently residing in New York City with his sweet family, judging by his tweeter. Ben has a loving son. 

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