Birthday, Mawar AFI Completely Unloads Ex-Babysitter’s ‘Foolish’ Attitude to Her Child

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: Mawar AFI quipped again at her ex-husband and babysitter after she was referred to as a disobedient spouse all this time. Unmitigated, Mawar revealed the nonchalant angle of the former babysitter to her kid.
Right on Saturday (26/2), Mawar AFI celebrates its thirty sixth anniversary. You may say this is her first birthday with a brand new status as a unmarried mother. Through Instagram, Mawar expressed her gratitude for the blessings that God has given her to this point.
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While exhibiting her photo mendacity on the mattress, Mawar admits that she is now aging. Although his personal face doesn’t glance like that in fact.

“Good morning~ Alhamdulillah, it’s official! This mommy is Officially 36 years old . I’m getting older, hehehe,” wrote the mother of 3.

Don’t omit, Mawar would like to thank everybody who has prayed for the best possible for her. As is known, Mawar is lately in the highlight for revealing her ex-husband’s illicit relationship with his youngsters’s babysitters.

“Thank you for the prayers. Hopefully all good prayers will turn to whoever you are who pray for me. Thank you, I love you all 🙏🏻,” he added.

At that second, Mawar AFI overtly uncovered the habits of her former babysitter, Susi. In her Instagram Story add, Mawar to start with satirized the former babysitter who was suspected of being a thorn in her marriage.

“Just asking again. How can you know which benchmark is more appropriate now? If you measure it when you are still being paid, yes, according to that. It’s the same, mas obey, if it’s with me, I like to put on sour faces,” stated Mawar overtly.

Besides all the time being cynical about her, Mawar additionally stated that her former babysitter was additionally detached when requested to take care of her youngsters. She nonetheless recollects when her kid was not taken care of correctly via the babysitter.

“Do you remember when Kiwa pooped and continued to poop all the way to the front, even though he said he had cleaned it. I am angry? No, I’ll clean it myself,” he defined.

At the finish of her writing, Mawar additionally quipped again at her ex-husband, Steno Ricardo, who referred to as her a disobedient spouse. This in point of fact harm Mawar’s center and vainness. Because in accordance to her all this time she has been a just right spouse and mother to her husband and youngsters.

“So back again, how long have you been able to be sure, according to you. 9 years is not a short time. If we don’t comply, maybe we will be married for 9 months, (or) 9 days,” stated Mawar.

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