BLACKPINK Jennie’s arm is bruised in the latest vlog, this is the cause

: Jennie shows her bruised arm in the latest vlog she uploaded on YouTube. The BLACKPINK member additionally revealed how he were given the bruises.
BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Black Pink) not too long ago confirmed off her bruised arm in her latest vlog on YouTube. He additionally revealed how he were given the bruises.
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On February 23, Jennie uploaded a video titled “LA vlog.” The eight-minute video shows him in Los Angeles remaining yr. Jennie flew to LA in October 2021 and attended the tenth annual LACMA Art+Film gala and Head in the Clouds (HITC) track competition.

At the starting of the vlog, Jennie welcomed fanatics into her house and mentioned, “So today, I decided to vlog my day in LA.” He then went into the space to get ready breakfast in the kitchen whilst talking to a chum.

While taking part in a bowl of cereal, Jennie all at once confirmed a bruise on her proper arm and mentioned, “Oh, I have to explain this,” and laughed with her good friend.

The “SOLO” hitmaker shared, “When it comes to LA, it’s Halloween week. My friends and I went to a lot of haunted houses, and we realized it was a nightmare.”

“By the way, these bruises were made from running around the haunted house which scared me too much, like being pushed against a wall, like running for my life,” he endured.

Lebih lanjut Jennie BLACKPINK mengatakan bahwa sudah dua minggu sejak ia mendapat memar di lengannya, tapi masih ada dan semakin gelap, sehingga orang-orang di sekitarnya menjadi khawatir.

Sementara itu, BLACKPINK sama sekali tidak memiliki kegiatan grup selama hampir satu setengah tahun. Para member telah bekerja keras untuk mempromosikan diri mereka secara individu.

Sementara para member aktif secara individu, banyak penggemar kecewa dengan kurangnya konten dalam bentuk aktivitas grup. Comeback terakhir BLACKPINK adalah “The Album” yang dirilis pada Oktober 2020.

BLACKPINK dikabarkan akan comeback awal tahun ini. Namun YG Entertainment belum merilis pernyataan apapun tentang comeback grup beranggotakan empat orang ini.

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