Brandon Gardas Suspect Wanted For Domestic Assault From St Michael Mn

A neighbourhood near St. Michael was still closed off as of Wednesday morning as police and deputies tried to break up a standoff with a man who was armed and wanted for arrest.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office reports that just after 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a caller reported a gun complaint and sent deputies to a home in the 500 block of Central Avenue West. A guy and a woman were allegedly fighting, and the caller said that the man was pointing a rifle at the dispatchers.
The sheriff’s office identified the suspect as a 39-year-old male with outstanding warrants for his arrest for domestic abuse and felon in possession of a handgun.

St. Michael, Minnesota’s Brandon Gardas

Brandon Gardas is wanted by the sheriff’s office for domestic violence and possessing a firearm while a convicted felon.
Officials claim that Gardas shot at law enforcement repeatedly.
He continued to shoot repeatedly into the area, causing officials to close County Road 35/Central Avenue, which is located west of Ditto’s Bar and east of the intersection of Central Avenue and St. Michael Parkway.
There was a standoff all through the night. According to locals, there were numerous gunshots fired, tear gas canisters were launched into the neighbourhood, and a number of establishments, including nightclubs and restaurants in downtown St. Michael, were evacuated.
Police advised everyone who was near the residence to evacuate immediately due to the “volatile nature” of the situation. For the benefit of the general public’s safety, they additionally claimed to have rerouted a number of neighbouring highways.

Brandon Gardas Wanted for Domestic Assault

Armoured vehicles, many police units, and SWAT teams are still on the scene in an endeavour to peacefully detain Brandon Gardas on these warrants and any charges resulting from this incident, including firing on the cops.
Even though police and mediators attempted to communicate with the man using a loudspeaker overnight, gunfire were intermittently fired. On June 22, shooting persisted in the early hours.
Traffic has been rerouted on many routes, including a well-traveled segment between County Road 35 and County 19, and locals and observers are asked to avoid the area.

In St. Michael, Minnesota, Brandon Gardas Is A Suspect Carrying A Rifle

Witnesses called Wright County Dispatch to report that a guy was arguing with a woman on the property and that he was also carrying a firearm. The person was identified as 39-year-old St. Michael resident Brandon Gardas.
On the property, Gardas was hiding out in a building that also served as a residence and a number of sheds for the family business, Gardas Cabinets.
Sheriff’s officials said that during the more than 30 hours that deputies have been trying to capture the man, he has fired multiple bullets at them.
Several viewers have pointed out the appearance of SWAT vehicles and police activity in messages they have sent. One watcher asserted that they overheard negotiators ordering someone inside to exit with their hands raised.
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