Brother denies that Ayu Aulia tried to commit suicide because Zikri Daulay decided and asked for an abortion

Ayu Aulia Tried Suicide: Ayu Aulia reportedly tried to commit suicide because her relationship with Zikri Daulay ran aground. This allegation was denied through Ayu’s adoptive sister, who revealed the following actual facts.
Ayu Aulia reportedly tried suicide on Tuesday (22/2). Ade all the time revealed Ayu Aulia’s adoptive sister Ayu’s well being situation after the suicide try.
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“Ayu’s health condition is still weak and can’t be visited by friends,” stated Ade at a press convention attended through at the Puri Emporium Kuningan Apartment, Jakarta on Wednesday (23/2).

“That’s why we as a family are still very sad,” added Ade. “So maybe ask for prayers from friends.”

Ade additionally immediately clarified the news that Ayu Aulia tried to commit suicide because Zikri Daulay decided. The news is totally unfaithful because Ade is aware of that Ayu and Zikri’s relationship remains to be wonderful.

“There are several media that we have read, that Ayu had attempted suicide because it was decided that Zikri was wrong,” stated Ade. “Because to this day Zikri and Ayu’s relationship has no problems at all.”

Even Zikri Daulay is claimed to be taking a look for time to seek advice from Ayu Aulia. “Zikri is currently looking for free time because maybe he is busy filming, indeed Zikri will have a visit to visit Ayu,” he added.

However, Ayu Aulia’s family may be nonetheless reluctant to divulge the reason Ayu Aulia tried to commit suicide. Furthermore, the news that Ayu Aulia tried to commit suicide because she was asked for an abortion may be totally unfaithful.

“For now, after we negotiate with the family,” defined Ade. “We can’t talk yet, because there are several things to consider.”

“What is clear is that we have informed that several media friends have received information that Ayu was forced to have an abortion, that is very wrong news,” he stated once more. “Until today, Ayu is in good health before doing that, not pregnant, you can check with the doctor who handled last night, there has never been a pregnancy like that.”

On the different hand, Ade additionally hopes that the media will not file various issues for the sake of Ayu Aulia’s psychological situation. Appearances with hijab it appears made Ayu lately were given so much of bullying.

“I was surprised, how come this news from where? So, my friends in the media check again what needs to be raised in the media,” asked Ade. “Because at this time we really take care of Ayu’s mental health.”

“Because of this, one of the things that made Ayu like this was the comments from netizens,” he concluded. “When Ayu is currently trying to be better, starting from Ayu’s fashion, she is currently in the process of wearing a hijab, but netizens just don’t stop bullying her.”

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