BTOB’s Sungjae forgot to pay for clothes at the mall until he was chased by a seller

: Funny revel in coming from BTOB’s Sungjae in the previous the place he in the end selected not to go back to the mall, what was that? Check out the shaggy dog story of this one idol!
Missing paying expenses as a result of forgetting to be a herbal factor skilled by any individual. However, the case is other with BTOB’s Sungjae who admitted that he nearly introduced his groceries for loose as a result of he forgot to give cash at the cashier.
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BTOB’s contemporary comeback has been an exhilarating second for lovers. Like Sungjae’s go back from his obligatory army provider which was finished in November 2021.

On February 22, Sungjae in conjunction with Minhyuk and Hyunsik seemed as visitors on the KBS Cool FM radio program “Jung Eunji’s Gayo Plaza” hosted by A Pink’s Eun Ji. During the interview, Sungjae revealed the tale of the embarrassing second he skilled.

The tale is informed when their visitor is requested to expose the maximum embarrassing second ever skilled. Sungjae additionally gave a trace that the embarrassing second was when he visited a mall.

“It happened in a private setting, inside a mall,” he mentioned. Sungjae had informed a mall worker that he would be leaving dressed in the crewneck he simply purchased.

Casually, Sungjae put on his new clothes and by chance left with out paying. “Her crewneck is so pretty. So I told them I would be leaving the shop to wear it. Then, I walked for 30 meters before an employee came up to me. The employee said, ‘you left without paying’. I was so embarrassed that I crouched right there,” mentioned Sungjae, telling the embarrassing tale.

“The employee even told me that he only wanted to let me go because he was a fan of mine, but because of his position as an employee, he then said that he couldn’t let it go,” mentioned Sungjae explaining the worker’s kindness.

However, the humorous factor is that Sungjae determined not to cross to the mall after that incident. “After that incident, I couldn’t go to the mall. However, fans conveyed their words very well to me,” he mentioned later.

Meanwhile, BTOB lately launched their complete album “Be Together” which was introduced on February 21. Not lengthy after, their name music “The Song” has crowned the charts in various nations.

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