BTS’ Jungkook clarifies the ‘excessive mattress’ allegation on his recent V-live

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On June 15, BTS’ Jungkook hosted a surprise V-live for ARMYs where he clarified the ongoing rumors about the group’s possible disbandment. More importantly, he cleared the air about the ‘excessive mattress’ allegations being levied on him.

He began by admitting that he does indeed have a lot of mattresses in his house, but also stressed on the fact that the other BTS members are exaggerating. He agreed that he has more mattresses and air purifiers than most people, but assured everyone that he was not a hoarder.

The allegation dates back to BTS’ recent Festa dinner when Jin ’accused’ Jungkook of having three mattresses in his living room, two in his bedroom and more mattresses in other rooms of the house. Jin also revealed that Jungkook is so possessive of his mattresses that he once tried to ‘saw’ his large mattress to fit into his bed using a pair of scissors, evoking a hearty laugh from everyone.

RM chipped in that Jungkook has twenty diffusers at home and the scented fume envelops the whole house.

ARMYs launch into a meme-fest following Jungkook’s ‘excessive mattress’ clarification on V-live

The Euphoria singer’s surprise V-live worked its magic on ARMYs instantly. The fandom forgot their sadness about the ongoing ’hiatus’ and ‘disbandment’ rumors for a while as Bangtan’s maknae lifted everyone’s spirits up with his sincere and adorable clarification.

Fans were extremely amused by the fact that the Still With You singer wanted to ‘clear things out’ and launched into a collective meme-fest online. Check out some of the reactions below:

Quite a few ARMYs made memes about how his home must look like with those extra mattresses.

BTS’ Jungkook teaches ARMY the correct way to wash dishes on his recent V-live

Bangtan’s maknae is called ‘Golden Maknae’ for a reason. The multi-talented youngster showed off dish-washing skills on the recent V-live, and demonstrated the correct way to wash dishes in the process. When a fan requested him to do the dishes instead of singing, he quickly headed to the sink to actually do so during his live broadcast.

He revealed that he puts his wrist snap to good use which elevates his ’technical skills’ while doing the dishes.

“I can wash the big dishes easily. Thanks to the wrist snap. I can’t believe I’m washing dishes while I’m doing a live.”

He not only washed all the dishes piled up in the sink but also shared more of his beautiful vocals until he finished the task, sorted out the sink, and eventually made his way back to his seat.

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