Cillian Murphy appears as one of the creators of the atomic bomb in photo of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’

Cillian Murphy (‘Peaky Blinders’) stars in the first official image of ‘Oppenheimer’, Christopher Nolan’s ambitious new project. Follow Wikistardom for more updates.

The cast also includes Emily Blunt (‘Jungle Cruise’), Matt Damon (‘The Last Duel’), Florence Pugh (‘Black Widow’), Robert Downey Jr. (‘Avengers: Endgame’), Rami Malek (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’). ‘), Benny Safdie (‘Uncut Gems’) and Josh Hartnett (‘Penny Dreadful’)

The feature film, which will be Nolan’s first under the Universal Pictures label, will tell the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, a character that will be played by Murphy.

Pugh will play Jean Tatlock, a member of the Communist Party of the United States who has an affair with Oppenheimer and the cause of major security concerns for government officials.

Safdie will play Edward Teller, the Hungarian physicist known as the father of the hydrogen bomb and a member of the Manhattan Project, the US research initiative that developed the first atomic bomb.

Damon will play Lieutenant General Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project, while Downey will play Lewis Strauss, the infamous chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission who initiated hearings that questioned Oppenheimer’s allegiance to the United States and who helped revoke his scientific knowledge before the United States. the country’s public safety. Blunt will play Katherine Oppenheimer Vissering, the protagonist’s wife.

Universal Pictures releases the film in theaters on July 21, 2023.

Nolan also joins as an executive producer on the film alongside his wife and longtime producing partner Emma Thomas.

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