Cita Citata confides that she has been hungry until she is willing to do this

: Cita Citata wrote a sad story about her past, before she was famous as she is now. Cita Citata admits that she is often hungry so she is willing to do this.
Cita Citata is one of the successful singers in the Indonesian entertainment world. Cita Citata also often looks glamorous on several occasions. Cita Citata herself has been in the entertainment world since 2014.
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But who would have thought, if Cita Citata also has a sad story in her past. He had experienced a difficult life and often cried because he was hungry. In fact, Cita Citata even admitted that she was willing to borrow money at the shop for a bite of food.

“CITA Have you ever had a hard life? ONCE. Have you ever borrowed from a shop? OFTEN. Have you ever cried because you were hungry? OFTEN,” wrote Cita Citata, Saturday (19/2).

However, Cita Citata has the principle that not to trouble others. Cita Citata also mentions that her past misery is her motivation.

“We may be miserable, we may be difficult, but the principle of life is ‘never bother others for our own pleasure’ because in life being useful for others is more meaningful than taking advantage of others,” said Cita Citata.

Cita Citata also invites people to look for things to make a living. He also advised people to always pray and try hard.

“Let’s put our brains on and look for a chance to survive! Not comparing life with people above us,” concluded Cita Citata. “Praying, working, trying are some of the responsibilities we are born into the world. Spirit!”

Cita Citata’s post immediately received positive comments from netizens. In fact, some say that Cita Citata’s words have succeeded in inspiring netizens.

“Great.. very inspiring,” commented one netter. “Absolutely agree this is cool!” another netter said. “Your spirit really agrees,” said another netter. “Thank you @cita_citata for inspiring and strengthening,” added another netter.

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