Claiming to have never visited Kalina Oktarani, the mother answered this about her daughter’s divorce

Vicky Prasetyo-Kalina Oktarani Divorce: Kalina Oktarani’s mother revealed that she had never been visited by her daughter. Then the following is the mother’s reaction when asked about her daughter’s divorce from Vicky Prasetyo.
Kalina Oktarani admits that she is now divorced from Vicky Prasetyo. Then recently, Kalina’s mother, Erlan Wardhania, opened up about her daughter’s divorce.
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When asked about his daughter’s divorce from Vicky, Erlan Wardhania admitted that she did not know anything about her daughter’s news. “To be honest, I don’t know anything about them,” said Erlan Wardhania, met at his residence in the Ciputat area, South Tangerang, Friday (25/2).

Not without reason, it was because Kalina was said to have never visited Erlan Wardhania. Even Kalina is said to have never contacted him via telephone or WhatsApp messages.

“Rani never told me about her problems. He never said anything to me,” said Erlan Wardhania. Even though Erlan Wardhania has been sick for a long time, the baby never asked how he was.

“I’ve been sick for 2.5 years, but Rani never came here, never called me. And if I call, I never pick up, I don’t read WhatsApp either,” said Erlan Wardhania.

On the other hand, Vicky is said to have come to see him. It was at that time that Erlan Wardhania, who learned about the news of his daughter’s divorce from the media, asked Vicky for clarification.

“Vicky just told me that Rani asked for a divorce, that’s all. Exactly the details do not tell. He just said they were no longer together, because Rani asked for a divorce,” said Erlan Wardhania.

As is known, Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani announced their divorce in January 2022. Kalina had mentioned that Vicky had an affair with her. Even Kalina also said that Vicky was forced to marry her.

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