“Daniel is a clown”: Fans slam Daniel for his disrespectful behavior in VH1 Couples Retreat Episode 6

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VH1 Couples Retreat returned for an all-new intense episode on Monday night. Titled Old Wounds, the tension between Daniel and KJ reached an all-time high. While viewers hoped that Daniel would’ve changed a little after last week’s episode, it seemed like it was only temporary.

In episode 6, Claudia, KJ, Jess, and Daniel went on a boat ride to clear the air. But it turned out to be just the opposite. Daniel told KJ that he wanted to apologize to him because he prejudged him.

But it wasn’t a real apology, more like a sarcastic one. Daniel said he thought KJ was a stand-up guy but said he heard his name come up last night during a conversation that KJ started, and wasn’t there to defend himself.

Daniel continued saying,

“The amount of time that you spend around Claudia, you picked up some of her traits. She a female. As a man, men talk to men, you know? Men don’t pillow talk. Men don’t stir pots. You had something to say to Jessica, more about why I wasn’t there and I wasn’t there to defend myself.”

Claudia and KJ were shocked by Daniel’s comments. Claudia was quick to jump in to defend KJ. Claudia continued saying that KJ does stand up and does not run as Daniel did. KJ and Claudia added that this was the third time that Daniel had not been there for Jess.

The Couples Retreat star then that he was concerned for Jess just like everybody else was. Because the dynamic between the couple was spotty. He also added that Daniel and Jess’ relationship had no consistency.

Daniel shared that KJ wasn’t allowed to make that call for him. But the Couples Retreat star didn’t stop there. He continued to argue with KJ and Claudia and raised his voice at them as well.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media and slammed Daniel for his disrespectful behavior towards them.

Fans call Daniel a clown for his disrespectful behavior in VH1 Couples Retreat

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Daniel was toxic and shady. Some fans also added that they’d be happy if they never had to see him on their screens again.

More details on what happened this week in VH1 Couples Retreat

Episode 6 of VH1 Couples Retreat picked up right where it ended last week. While the other couples enjoyed breakfast together, Daniel and Jess didn’t join them. During his confessional, Daniel shared that he felt attacked by the other couples because they thought he was the bad guy and was embarrassing Jess.

When the episode started, Daniel added that everyone had their input on how he should be, and claimed they should be focusing on their problems. Later that night, the group took part in another activity, where everyone had to write about an issue they thought each couple was sweeping under the rug.

When it was Daniel and Jess’s turn, the question was posed to Jess. They asked her why she had been so patient and forgiving with such a new relationship. Before Jess could answer, Daniel, interrupted and questioned if he could answer instead of Jess. But she was quick enough to shut him down and stated that it was for her, and he always had something to say.

Jess also wrote down something she wanted to tell Daniel. She wrote:

“Gets out of things with a joke or laugh. It can be taken like you don’t take things serious.”

Daniel was taken aback and questioned who had written that about him. Jess replied saying that she was the one who wrote that about him. She added that Daniel played a lot when someone tried to be serious. Daniel then muttered to Jess that she shouldn’t have thrown him out there and claimed that it was weak.

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