Daniel Mananta Unveils New Facts About 8 Years of ‘Hide’ Wife’s Figure When Married

: Daniel Mananta finds new facts about his Caucasian spouse, Viola Maria, who has not been uncovered to the public up to now. What do you suppose is the explanation why that Daniel handiest presented Viola after 8 years of marriage?
The look of Daniel Mananta’s spouse shocked the public. The explanation why, Daniel by no means mentioned about his private life, together with the topic of marriage.
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Until in spite of everything, Daniel Mananta determined to introduce his spouse, Viola Maria to the public after their 8-year marriage. In the video uploaded on their YouTube channel, Daniel and Viola in spite of everything responded all the public’s interest.

Even new facts had been revealed, if in truth it was not Daniel who intentionally sought after to “hide” his spouse, however this was the want of Viola herself. “Actually, it was not my choice, but the Viola’s choice,” defined Daniel Mananta, Monday (21/2).

Of direction not with out explanation why Viola selected not to be uncovered. Viola felt uncomfortable if he had to seem in entrance of many other people. Married to a star and being in the highlight was not one thing he appreciated.

“I married Daniel, not the same job he did. So why should I speak in front of the camera? I don’t feel comfortable being involved in that world,” mentioned Viola fluently in Indonesian.

Alasan lainnya adalah karena Viola Maria ingin fokus menjalani kehidupan rumah tangganya. Dengan segala kondisi yang ada, ia merasa harus mengutamakan keluarga. Menjadi ibu dan istri yang baik adalah cita-cita Viola.

“Pada awal menikah saya fokus untuk menjalani pernikahan itu, kita kan harus mencari gimana caranya hidup bersama dan bahagia. Pada tahun pertama itu susah sekali, harus fokus. Kalau saya ikut juga ke media, sepertinya saya tak bisa melakukannya secara bersamaan,” paparnya.

Kini namanya mulai dikenal publik sebagai istri Daniel Mananta, Viola mengaku tak pernah merencanakan hal tersebut. Pun seiring berjalannya waktu, Viola mulai mencoba mengubah pemikiran hingga kini bisa bicara terang-terangan tampil ke publik.

“Now I am comfortable in front of the camera because I feel there is a calling in my life. There is a message that I want to share with other people, hopefully it will be useful to make their lives better, and things that are bigger than myself,” added Viola.

“I want, I can, because the focus is not on me, but on the people around me,” mentioned Viola, which was agreed via Daniel Mananta.

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