DAY6’s Wonpil Announces Military Service, Can’t Stop Crying Because of This Thought

: Wonpil held a V Live broadcast the place he talked about his contemporary solo debut, sooner than for my part sharing the news about his army enlistment.
DAY6’s Wonpil has introduced that he’ll be enlisting in the army subsequent month. The idol made by way of JYP Entertainment introduced the news with tears in his eyes.
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On February 23, 2022, Wonpil held a V Live broadcast the place he talked about his contemporary solo debut, sooner than for my part sharing the news about his army enlistment.

Wonpil introduced, “I will be enlisting on March 28,” and added, “Since Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon have all registered, a part of me also wanted to enlist early.”

Wonpil revealed that he would be enlisting in the army, as it was the quickest possibility to be had. As the closing DAY6 member to enlist in the army, he sought after to reduce the band’s hiatus by way of enlisting as quickly as conceivable.

“I think people might be surprised that I’m going to the navy,” Wonpil stated. “I didn’t plan it at first, but I ended up enlisting in the navy because I wanted to match my time as much as possible with the other members.”

“The navy is 20 months, so two months longer (than other branches of the military),” he persevered. “But I wanted to enlist as soon as possible, so I ended up choosing the navy.”

Wonpil then reassured his lovers, “We still have one month left,” sooner than promising that he would go back as a “better” model of himself.

“When we have all left, MyDays (DAY6 fans) biggest worries, about our military service, will be gone,” he stated. “So we can all greet each other again with big smiles.”

Wonpil later burst into tears as a result of he was apprehensive that MyDays would pass over him whilst he was long gone, explaining, “The thing that saddens me the most is when MyDays wanted to see me, they wouldn’t be able to, that I wouldn’t be able to do things like this (live broadcast). But that doesn’t mean I won’t be back.”

“Time will pass quickly,” she persevered tearfully, sooner than pointing out that she plans to make song for the relaxation of her life.

“When the other members finish and we all meet again, I hope we can hold concerts like we did before COVID-19, and I think I will be able to endure while thinking about those days.”

“When we reunite with MyDays, I hope neither of us gets sick during that time, and we can all greet each other with the same smiles and feelings we have now.”

Wonpil then joked, “Don’t you dare go anywhere,” sooner than including even more emotion, “Please don’t go. I really hope that all of you will stay here, just as you are now.”

In a brighter tone, Wonpil identified, “Also, MyDays, it won’t be long before Sungjin returns.” Sungjin is scheduled to be discharged from the army in September 2022.

Last month, Dowoon additionally enlisted in the army previous than important in hopes of minimizing DAY6’s hiatus. However, Wonpil’s army enlistment date has not been introduced.

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