Debunked: Is Djkillbill313 Dead? Death Hoax Explored

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Debunked: Is Djkillbill313 Dead? Death Hoax Explored: We are extremely sad about the passing of a youthful & young man Djkillbill313 who was a YouTuber, a social influencer, and a singer who died in 2014. He shared a beat tape which is thirty minutes long, and after two days before he killed himself. When people came to know about his death news, they started searching for him if this news is a hoax or real. If you too come here to know whether he is alive or not you might come to the right place. So, Let’s find more detailed information about him. Follow More Updates On

Who was Djikillbill313?

He was born on 18th May 1997. Though his information is not mentioned on Wikipedia so we collected little about him which may be enough for you. So we checked his Instagram account to find out about him and we found that by profession he was an artist a social influencer, and a singer. His followers gave him the title Djkillbill. The 26th of October is the last date he was active on Instagram. His last caption was Now the time has come to see if my watch is waterproof or not.

Is Djikillbill313 Dead Or Alive?

Well, this news is not a hoax, he died on 26th October 2014 at the age of 17. He posted a monitor before killing him in which there was a beat tape of 30 minutes in which he told everything about his emotions & the confusion he suffering from. He also discussed his feelings and how cloudy & Darkish his feelings are and he shared that no one can understand his feelings he tried to explain but no one listened to him, he was depressed and his thoughts made him compelled to kill himself. He expressed his feelings in the form of a song.

Djikillbill313 Death Hoax Explored

His song has deep pain and after listening to that music people can feel his pain & his confusion which killed him. After his death, his family, friends, and relatives everyone got hurt, and also his fans who loved him got in shock and wrote about positive things about him. His friend wrote that he left us too early, he should at least once try to tell me that from what thing he is suffering. His psychological conditions only killed him, if he shared this with his parents, so maybe he didn’t go for that step. Stay connected for more information & latest updates on Business, Technology, Science and many more.

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