Della Puspita joins in spraying Mawar AFI’s ex-husband ‘a cheater’, this is how he responds

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: Della Puspita was in reality indignant to see the news about Mawar AFI being cheated on by way of her ex-husband. Through InstaStory, Della did not hesitate to write a placing message for Mawar’s ex-husband.
The public is now being stunned by way of the news of Mawar AFI’s ex-husband, Steno Ricardo’s affair with his babysitter. Through Instagram Story, Mawar revealed proof of her husband’s affair with the babysitter named Susi.
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Mawar’s tale indubitably made netizens indignant and attacked Steno and Susi. They additionally hurled scornful scorn for Steno and Susi, additionally, each of them have been known to have formally married on Monday (21/2) the day past.

It’s not simply netizens who are aggravated by way of the habits of Mawar’s ex-husband and the babysitter. Actress Della Puspita was additionally livid to see the disturbing news similar to this.

Through Instagram Story, Della gave a placing satire for Steno Ricardo. “Women who have been betrayed because they are too straight and obedient are indeed over exposed on social media, because they no longer know how to express anger, hatred, revenge, and regret for choosing the wrong person,” she wrote, Tuesday (22/2).

Della mentioned that the psychological burden of a spouse who is a sufferer of infidelity is very heavy. They frequently assume about finishing their life, however there are many concerns that appear burdensome.

Seeing Mawar who was being cheated on by way of her ex-husband although she have been married for 10 years, made Della Puspita confused. He was stunned by way of a man like Steno who was by no means thankful for the blessings that God had given him up to now.

“It’s viral news of husband cheating with babysitter. Confused by men, given a good woman who serves the family, who is willing to work by sacrificing time to help her husband realize his lifestyle, “he said. “Wear horse glasses, even though the temptations of men who are far better at everything are on the right and left.”

Della hopes that Mawar’s ex-husband gets what he merits for his movements. Don’t overlook to give fortify to Mawar.

“Hopefully the ungrateful men will get a reward that makes them wish that time could come back again to be with the woman he had betrayed and hurt! Be strong n brave lady @mysamawar,” mentioned Della Puspita.

Seeing Della Puspita’s add, Mawar felt touched and thanked her. “Thank you sis @dellapuspita00,” he mentioned.

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