“Difficult to expect The Next BTS”: KSA’s chairman requests BTS to “reconsider” their break

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Korea Singers Association’s chairman Lee Ja-yeon appealed to K-pop giants BTS to reconsider their indefinite group break for the sake of the Hallyu Wave.

On June 22, KSA chairman Lee Ja-yeon released a press statement about the Dynamite singers’ contribution to the country and the unparalleled spread of the Hallyu Wave.

While discussing the achievements, she requested that the group discuss and think again about their decision for a break, as it may prove detrimental to South Korea’s music industry. Like many critics and reporters in the past, she drew a parallel between The Beatles and the septet.

“As difficult as it was for there to be ‘The Next Beatles,’ it is difficult to anticipate ‘The Next BTS,’ and thus, I am afraid that the Hallyu Wave will cease. Although I know it was a difficult decision to make, I would like to ask that you reconsider the decision for the sake of Korea’s music industry.”

Chairman Lee Ja-yeon’s concern arises after the septet revealed their plans to take a break from group activities in the Real Bangtan Dinner Festa celebration video. The group will focus on solo projects and still have some group activities.

The news already saw an explosive result in HYBE’s stock value. The company’s stocks plummeted 28%, losing $1.7 billion in market value on June 15. As per Variety, the company was headed to its lowest close since entering the public stock market in 2020.

South Korean music industry in jeopardy as BTS’ hiatus concerns industry officials

BTS showed the world the power of music by pinning South Korea on the map. As per Hyundai Research Institute’s 2018 report, the group contributed $3.5 billion annually to South Korea’s economy, reported The Guardian.

Not just music-related, but the group’s power reaches far and wide. The same report revealed a boom in Korean tourism thanks to the group, which attracted nearly 800,000 tourists in 2017 alone. Considering the septet’s peak arrived after that, the numbers would probably have risen multifold.

The break in this boost in South Korea’s overall GDP concerns Lee Ja-yeon, the chairman of the Korea Singers Association. After requesting the group to reconsider their decision, she also requested the South Korean government pay more attention to the Hallyu wave.

“If BTS disappears, the Hallyu evangelists ‘Army’ will also disappear. And neither Hallyu tourism nor a cultural powerhouse can be expected. I ask the National Assembly and the government to pay close attention so that the Hallyu boom can continue to spread.

A vital issue she addressed was the amendment in the Military Service Act, which is still under discussion.

We earnestly ask you to actively review the revision of the Military Service Act so that BTS can continue to work.”

The Butter hit-makers debuted in 2013 and reached international stardom in 2017, with their first Billboard win. Since then, the group has only climbed higher. Making history at the VMAs, Billboards, AMAs, and even the Grammys – the septet has opened pathways for K-pop to become mainstream and go global.

However, the statement unleashed the fans’ wrath. The members have expressed their desire to focus on themselves after a decade of hardships.

Fans believe the statement was made in a way that would force the group to disregard their betterment and work for the K-pop industry – which the fans are protesting against. They trended ‘BTS Its Okay To Rest’ and ‘LEAVE BTS ALONE’ to express their anger.

In other news, the septet’s plans for solo projects were also revealed in the dinner party celebration.

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