Does Troy Landry Have Cancer?

Rumors of Troy Landry undergoing prostate treatment for cancer have been persistent. In fact, Troy Landry himself shared a Facebook post where he was seen after surgery in the hospital bed and he wrote that “Surgery went good, No more prostate”. Troy has been a prominent hunter throughout the History channel show Swam People and he uses his old experiences and accumulated techniques to sharpen the show’s trip and excursion.

Troy has been hospitalized and being treated for his prostate cancer and is now completely nullified of the disease. We pray for his speedy recovery and quick return to the reel career. The show has however not mentioned anything regarding his leave and also not released any statement on his health condition. Troy has been a fighter for all his life. He tackles the hardest of obstacles, cuts through the show cast hindrances with ease, and perfectly blends with the environmental trappings to showcase his hidden skillsets in the game of big hunt. He is also conscious and concerned for the overall biota conservation and speaks freely of the rising gator population that preys on smaller carnivores and increases the risk of blooming invasive species in the ecology.

Troy Landry’s Cancer and Prostate Surgery Update

Troy Landry posted a Facebook post where he uploaded some pictures of him in a surgery gown right after his prostate removal operation. 

He thanked his treating doctor Andrew and his team for the great relief. Troy was suffering from prostate cancer for a long time now and with his Wednesday treatment, he will be free from its grip.

Did Troy Landry Kill His Wife? Rumors Addressed

Social media and internet online users are always headfirst at creating new rumors out of thin air. Troy’s wife met her sad demise during one of his family adventures.

Troy Landry features in the Swamp People alongside his two sons.
Troy Landry features in the Swamp People alongside his two sons.

He now features on the show with his two adult sons who are equally adept at hunting.


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