Dominic Goodman Age: How old is Dominic Goodman?


Have you been marking the times off your calendar in anticipation of First Kill like we have? The hold out is nearly over, nevertheless! We’re so close to the premiere of the vampire series, and in just a couple times, we’ll get to fulfill Dominic Goodman’s character Apollo Burns. The exuberant and once in a while reckless brother of Calliope is Apollo Burns. He only cares about obtaining entertaining and doing away with monsters. Sadly, the trailer didn’t present us a lot of him, but we’re keen to see what he can increase to the narrative!


Dominic’s exact age and date of start are mysterious, however we do know that he is in his late 20s or early 30s. When asked about his age in an job interview he gave to Popternative, Dominic mentioned that he was in the 2nd quality when the X-Guys had been introduced. When X-Adult men was produced in 2000, when you were being 7 or 8 several years previous and in the second quality, it was 22 a long time ago. Dominic is as a result possibly 29 or 30 several years previous, in accordance to many assessments.