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Draymond Green Wife Hazel Renee and Kids On NBA Finals, Meet The Family

Draymond Green has a beautiful family with his wife, Hazel Renne, and she can now watch her husband in the NBA finals and her kids.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Family: Who Is Draymond Green Wife Hazel Renee?

Draymond Green may be an aggressive and competitive player on the court, but he and his wife and family have a different level of connection.

Personally, Hazel and Draymond married in 2019, after the Dubs superstar proposed in a dramatic and movie-style manner.

The former DPOY has a different relationship with his wife, while his son visits the Bay Area Chase Arena daily to watch Draymond and his team practice and play high-level basketball.

Renee met Green shortly after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her. Her boyfriend gave birth to her first child.

Draymond and Renee were both going through personal difficulties, which may have pushed them closer together. Their friendship turned into a devoted partnership after they met as friends.

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Draymond Green has three kids from his past, and his present relationship and his son DJ have already watched him in NBA finals before.

Months after the incredible proposal in Italy, the traveling lover pair enjoyed a lovely holiday. Before welcoming their first child and the fifth family member, they both had children with their ex-partners.

During an NBA game, Draymond Jr., also called DJ, Green’s kid, has already stolen from his father. He worked on the Warriors bench all night.

The child was spotted gathering up towels and distributing shoot-around jerseys to the guys. While he was on the bench, he also gave Steph Curry a mask.

Draymond, Draymond’s father, was pleased with his kid and told reporters that DJ did an excellent job.

According to the celebrity net worth post, Draymond Green has an annual salary of $16.4 million and $160 million as of 2022.

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Draymond Green Kids Will Watch Him On NBA Finals

DJ worked as an assistant to Eric Housen, the Warriors’ director of team operations, and was always available to assist the Warriors bench.

Draymond signed a three-year, $2.6 million contract with the Golden State Warriors in 2012. He had re-signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2019 for a four-year, $100 million contract.

Green got a new five-year, $82-million contract in July of 2015, with an average annual pay of $16.4 million.

Draymond bought $9.6 million for a huge mansion in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood in August of 2020. His other home in San Francisco has four bedrooms and spectacular views of the city.

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