Eliminated, Brunna says that Arthur does not deserve to win the BBB22: “Manipulator”

Dancer additionally spared no complaint of Douglas, Gustavo and Lucas: We sought after Lud Session pt. 2, we won Numaraiva. Ludmilla pulled a joint effort, raffled off tickets for one of her concert events and promised even a musical release, however there was no manner: with 76.18% of the votes, Brunna Gonçalves is the 5th eradicated from BBB22. She disputed the public’s desire in opposition to Gustavo (22.24%) and Paulo André (1.58%). Follow Wikistardom for more updates.

Aware of the “plant” status due to the lack of motion in the recreation, the dancer advised Rafa Kalimann, presenter of #RedeBBB, that she entered the area determined to be who she actually is and that she leaves the program with so much of want to be informed to be in contact higher with the other people.

“The fear of cancellation, of losing everything I’ve conquered, has held me back many times. And I’m like that in life too. I save my stories, watch a thousand times and don’t post if there’s the slightest possibility that something I said will be interpreted the wrong way. […] So, I’m sure that this experience will add a lot to the way I relate to people and the way I position myself,” she declared.

And she was prepared to take a stand that, all the way through the Mosaico portray, Brunna selected Lucas as a plant (“The only thing he did there was to win the Leader’s Test”), wager on Douglas Silva as the subsequent eradicated from the fact show (“The hours of him are told”) and assured that Gustavo “is playing a character”.

Finally, when requested who must not win the R$1.5 million prize, she selected Arthur Aguiar “because of the way he influences others”. “Manipulate everyone! All! Only those who are stupid don’t see. Not that this is wrong, okay? But he acts according to his interests, he does everything always thinking about getting away. He talked so much about Rodrigo, but he is doing the same”, she shot at any other second. So, do you settle?

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