Father Has Died, Dinda Kanya Dewi wrote this heartbreaking story

: Dinda Kanya Dewi wrote a tragic story after her father’s departure for excellent. Dinda’s submit was instantly flooded with feedback from fellow artists.
Dinda Kanya Dewi nonetheless feels deep sorrow till now. How not, Dinda has misplaced her father, Suraya Saputra Yudanagara, Monday (21/2) the day past.
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This unhappy news was conveyed via Dinda Kanya Dewi on her non-public Instagram account web page. In the add, Dinda shared a memorable photo with her father when she was a kid. “First love,” wrote Dinda Kanya Dewi.

In a distinct add, Dinda Kanya Dewi shared a video prior to her father died. In the video, Dinda was joking with her father.

Dinda Kanya Dewi’s past due father was noticed mendacity on a clinic mattress. Dinda additionally attempted to invite his father to discuss. Although it was tricky to discuss, his past due father was nonetheless in a position to smile.

“Practice smiling before going home (a few more days from the hospital), so you won’t be stiff when you take a photo,” wrote Dinda Kanya Dewi, Tuesday (22/2). “It turns out that this smile practice is preparation for meeting mommy, isn’t it?!”

Dinda then admitted that she was certain that her father was now in a position to smile with pride. “Now papa must be able to smile and laugh, satisfied, free. Bye Robocop hoses,” concluded Dinda Kanya Dewi.

Dinda Kanya Dewi’s submit was then flooded with feedback from fellow artists. They all prayed for the best possible for Dinda’s past due father.

“My dearest condolences,” stated Fitri Tropica. “My condolences, Dinda.. Al – Fatihah for Papa..” stated Mieke Amalia. “Sis, Dindaa, my condolences, Sis,” stated Dinda Hauw. “Sis Dindaa, my condolences. Hopefully the late Papah will be given the best place by Allah’s side,” added Indah Permatasari.

“Hug honey. It’s too beautiful when the late died… a very good departure .. and it only belongs to a special human being, hugs dear. Late father dinda in the best place. Goodbye. My deepest condolences,” Happy Salma prayed.

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