Fellow Ex-Kiwil, Eva Belisima Gives An Unexpected Response To The News Of Rohimah Marrying A Turkish Man

: Eva Belisima responds to the news of Rohimah’s marriage, who remarried to a man from Turkey. It is known that Eva and Rohimah had been excellent pals since Kiwil divorced them.
Celebrity Eva Belisima could also be proud of the news of Rohimah’s marriage. Not way back, Rohimah did percentage uploaded photos reporting that she had formally remarried to a Turkish man.
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Eva, who could also be Kiwil’s ex-wife as neatly as Rohimah, wrote an expression of emotion in reaction to the news of the marriage. By together with a marriage photo of Rohimah and a Turkish man, Eva touched on God’s love and future.

“GOD Definitely Meets. It’s useless, we chase his love. If his heart does not keep love for us. We don’t need to force our heart and love on someone. Everything is impossible without sincerity,” wrote Eva Belisima in an Instagram publish on Friday (25/2).

“We are often disappointed by people we love and trust, but are actually loved by people we don’t expect,” persevered Eva.

In addition, Eva additionally mentioned about sudden individuals who made her satisfied. He additionally discussed about studying to forgive after being harm.

“Some people we know and whom we hope can make us laugh are those who make us cry even for a mistake we didn’t commit, but at the same time some people don’t take into account the mistakes we make, they actually make us smile. ,” persevered Eva.

“There are people who leave us just when we need them the most, but besides that there are people who we hope to leave us but instead they stay in our lives like thorns in the flesh,” added Eva.

“This world is indeed a collection of various types of people, what we need to know is, which hands we need to hold and which hands we need to let go, learn from experience, ‘let it go’, learn to let go of rights and learn to forgive,” added Eva.

After this lengthy article about love, Eva, who could also be pals with Rohimah, admitted that she was satisfied as a result of Rohimah had discovered her happiness. He additionally did not omit to pray for Rohimah’s marriage to final.

“Even those who betray you are part of your life agenda, believe that love will find a way. Believe every heart has its owner. Pure love can never go wrong. Even though he doesn’t know where. Be patient and pray. God brought him together…” mentioned Eva.

“Happy happy mother @rohima_alli. Happy Wedding Beib. SAMAWA Amen,” mentioned Eva. “So happy for you darling mmmmuachh. Tarara Check Love you.”

It is known, Rohimah married a middle-aged man from Turkey. But till now, Rohimah has not brazenly dismantled her marriage.

“Barakallah,” mentioned Rohimah in the early hours of Friday (25/2) by means of together with a track with the lyrics “God willing, I will keep my honor as your companion”.

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