Ferry Irawan ‘Checkmate’ Inspiring to Marry Venna Melinda Capital Endorsement

Romance of Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda: Ferry Irawan gave a strong rebuttal about the suggestion that he would marry Venna Melinda without capital or relying on an endorsement, the answer was a flood of defenses.
Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan’s wedding plans are getting closer. Reportedly, the couple will hold the special day in Bali in March 2022. Unfortunately, a thousand dear, in the midst of their happiness, Venna and Ferry actually suffered many trials.
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For example, about the tattoo on Ferry Irawan’s back, which is thought to be the face of his ex-wife, had become a byword. Not only that, Ferry is also accused of marrying Venna without capital alias relying on endorsements.

Regarding these accusations, Ferry Irawan finally opened his voice. As in an interview with Insertlive, Ferry denied the skewed accusations. He even gave a “checkmate” answer by confirming that he had fulfilled all the needs of the marriage long ago.

“My wedding was in Bali. So in Bali, it’s full cost from me, full, no endorsement, it’s full from me, “said Ferry Irawan. “It’s not like that. In the beginning, I didn’t plan to get married because of an endorsement. At first, I wanted to marry Venna in Bali. It was a long time ago, the budget was from me. I gave it to Venna, Venna transferred to the Bali side,” he explained.

Sementara itu terkait segala ucapan sang mantan istri termasuk soal dirinya disebut nikah tanpa modal, Ferry Irawan tak ingin ambil pusing. Saat ini dirinya hanya ingin fokus dan enggan menengok ke masa lalu.

“Saya enggak mau nanggepin kayak gitu-gitu. Biarlah saya berpikir positif. Saya udah enggak mau lagi, apapun yang sudah berlalu, sudah berlalu buat Saya,” tandas Ferry Irawan.

Jawaban Ferry Irawan rupanya cukup mendapatkan banyak respons hangat dari publik khususnya netizen. Meski Ferry sudah membantah jika pernikahannya adalah modal endorse, namun dukungan dan pembelaan tetap banjir berdatangan.

“Apa urusan mantan mau endorse Ato kluar duit, kan bukan minta duit sm mantan kenapa jd mantan yg panas,” celetuk akun@dhissa*******. “Kalo endors pun kan itu kan rjki mrka,” bela akun @ecca******.

“What’s wrong with endorsement??? Their luck is also always… After all, they are public figures, so you’re used to it… Ooooh, those who are cynical to rub their chests,” continued @rey*****. “Want to be capitalized or not, the important thing is that their marriage is legal and God’s blessing,” replied @aroni******.

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