Former Manager Now Suspect, Lawyer Denny Sumargo Reveals Threat of Punishment

: Denny Sumargo a while in the past reported the former supervisor to the police referring to the alleged embezzlement case. Now, the former supervisor has been named a suspect.
Denny Sumargo a while in the past had reported his former supervisor, Ditya Andrista referring to the alleged embezzlement case. Denny additionally mentioned that the former supervisor were named a suspect through the police.
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“He has been named a suspect. Subject to Articles 372 and 263 of the Criminal Code,” mentioned Denny Sumargo’s lawyer, Mohamad Anwar when met at Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (22/2).

In addition, Denny Sumargo’s lawyer mentioned that Ditya Andrista has the doable to be in jail for a protracted length of time if discovered accountable. “The penalty is 6 years,” mentioned Mohamad Anwar.

Even so, neither Denny Sumargo nor his staff of lawyers sought after to be expecting a lot from the decision of the suspect status in opposition to Ditya Andrista. Denny and his staff of lawyers desire to put up the felony case to the establishment that can take a look at it. “We’ll see the process later,” mentioned Mohamad Anwar.

Previously, Denny Sumargo reported Ditya Andrista on suspicion of embezzlement to the Polda Metro Jaya on September 29, 2021. While running, Ditya was accused of the use of the identify Densu Management for private acquire. In truth, Denny Sumargo admitted that he had misplaced masses of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

“The loss is approximately Rp 700 million, almost Rp 800 million,” mentioned Mohamad Anwar.

In the Denny Sumargo document, Ditya Andrista was matter to Articles 372 and 263 of the Criminal Code. “The method is embezzlement and forgery of letters,” mentioned Mohamad Anwar.

Meanwhile, up to now, Denny Sumargo mentioned that Ditya had not but contacted him to take steps for peace. Instead of speaking, Denny was stunned to in finding out that the former supervisor was in reality spying on him.

“Not yet, only yesterday I caught someone giving him information about the cave, so it’s like a spy, don’t worry,” mentioned Denny Sumargo. “He gave information about the development of the cave, about the progress of the case.”

Ditya himself had time to go through an exam at the Polda Metro Jaya comparable to instances of alleged embezzlement of cash amounting to Rp 739 million and letter falsification, Monday (8/11). Ditya additionally hopes that this case will be resolved peacefully.

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