Fuji ‘Dede Gemes’ Beautiful in Hotpants in Advertisements, Mayang Gets Fucked About Losing Competition?

Popularity of Fuji and Fadly Faisal: Fujianti Utami proved blasphemy via a bunch of tasks that sparked public admiration. He have been praised for showing recent in the latest ads after up to now being insinuated like aunts.
Fujianti Utami aka Fuji is at all times praised through netizens. He is liked for his determination to taking care of Gala Sky, the son of the overdue Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah.
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But through the years, Fuji is not simplest admired but additionally every so often blasphemed through haters. Had time to show off having a look gorgeous in a beautiful dress with a low slit, Fuji even quipped like aunties.

“Slowly your clothes are starting to split Fuji,” wrote the netter. “Your true nature is starting to show, yes, bestieeeeee,” stated every other. “It’s like aunties don’t match their age, it’s better to look at the tomboy style,” stated the netter. “Grandpa (like) aunties,” exclaimed the netter.

As same old, Fuji did not answer to netter’s blasphemy. Instead of being offended, he in fact confirmed it with sure paintings. As if to resolution the netter’s expectancies, Fuji appears to be like lovely and attractive in the latest submit.

She it appears starred in a good looks industrial and appears to be like shocking. Fuji appears to be like more fascinating with his hair unfastened and dressed in hotpants. Although attractive, Fuji turns out to dress up in accordance to age.

In the video, Fuji invitations girls her age not to really feel inferior when the usage of filters on social media posts. He stated that the use of the filter out was only for amusing.

“Buat aku #PakaiFilterItuNormal karena social media itu bagian dari hidup ku! kaya yang aku bilang, filter itu cuma untuk lucu lucuan, tapi kalo untuk kebutuhan kulit ku supaya tetap tampil glowing, aku serahkan ke @m*gl**b****y , jadi pakai filter atau engga, ngga perlu mindeeer!,” katanya.

Gaya kece Fuji ala dede gemes kekinian itu tak urung membuat lovers jadi takjub. Tak sedikit yang menyindir Mayang karena gagal menyaingi Fuji.

“Wlpn vanesza yg artis juga rejeki enggak bisa d tiru . Dlu d bawah menegement bapaknya gak punya apa2 job juga gak rame2 amat. Jgn bilang uti di kenal krna pansos dri kakak2 ny yg mninggal. Krna memang udh bakat nya. Yg sana juga udh pansos dr 40harian gk bisa nyaingin uti krna gk ad bkat,” ujar netter. “Padahal udh noat bgt curi start duluan, dr mulai cover lagu, bikin akun yutup an keluarga van*ssa, sampe udh bikin klip dll tp blm bisa segacor uti rejekinya😂,” kata yang lainnya.

Sementara itu, Farida Nurhan yang kini salin unfollow dengan Fuji justru sempat memberi dukungan buat Mayang. Sebagai ibu, Farida merasa kasihan pada Mayang karena terus dihujat. Ia bahkan ingin kolabs dengan adik kandung Vanessa itu.

“If I collab with Mayang, what do you think, but don’t be negative (comments), what is positive, we must be kind to everyone,” stated Farida alias Omay. “He doesn’t look like himself now. But actually there is something positive about him that I see. As a mother, I can’t bear it.”

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