Fuji Showcases Carried by Manager, Tariq Halilintar Gercep Gives Jealous Code?

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar’s Matchmaking: Sharing photos at the 2022 TikTok Awards, Fuji even shared a portrait whilst being carried by his supervisor, Batara. This is the response of his lover, Tariq Halilintar.
Recently, Fujianti Utami attended the TikTok Awards 2022. Not on my own, Fuji got here accompanied by his girlfriend, Tariq Halilintar.
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However, in an Instagram publish, Fuji it seems that uploaded a photo with the supervisor, Batara. Fuji is known to be very shut to his supervisor.

But strangely, in this photo, Fuji is observed being carried by Batara. Fuji additionally appeared to snigger out loud when he was carried by Batara.

Not to disregard, Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law additionally wrote candy phrases for Batara. “Thank you for always being patient,” wrote Fuji in the caption, Friday (25/2).

So how did Tariq really feel after seeing the Fuji photo? Burning with jealousy or simply being at ease?

It turns out that Tariq is not jealous of the photo of Fuji and Batara. The reason why is, it was Tariq who became out to take photos when Fuji was being carried by Batara.

“Credit to the photographer, please,” wrote Tariq in the feedback column. “‘Fuji please take care of the photographer’s feelings,’” Fuji responded, including some emoticons.

Meanwhile, netters replied to the various photos uploaded by Fuji. The reason why is if some netizens are busy claiming to be excited, some are simply the reverse. Apparently this was as a result of some netizens regarded as the Fuji photo to be irrelevant. Fuji it seems that did not care about Tariq’s emotions as a result of of the photo.

“It’s really cute,” wrote the @ss*****ma account. “Batara, dear brother, dear brother,” commented the account @sr******34.

“Respect your partner’s feelings,” whilst writing the account @xx******xx. “People’s girlfriends are even carried by their managers,” responded the @he*****ma account.

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