“Garcelle over there being messy boots.”: RHOBH fans slam Garcelle for inviting Denise to her birthday party

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Tonight on RHOBH, Garcelle Beauvais’s actions at her party have led to her receiving online bashing from viewers. Garcelle invited all the girls to her birthday party, telling them not to give her gifts. Lisa Rinna said that she would not be able to attend the party because she was going to a movie premiere with Harry Hamlin.

Garcelle told Lisa that RHOBH alum Denise would also be there for the party. The two have had issues in the past, and there was even a discussion of cease and desist.

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Fans were unhappy with her trying to mend things between Lisa and Denise, and asked her to stand back from the issue.

RHOBH fans react as Garcelle tries to mend things between Lisa and Denise

Tonight on RHOBH, Garcelle informed Lisa that Denise was coming to her party, but she revealed that she had already had a conversation with Lisa after an argument, and the two were fine.

Garcelle did not back out of it and asked Denise via text if she had indeed talked to her, to which she replied, ‘When?’ hinting that the two had talked many times before the incident.

RHOBH fans were shocked when Garcelle tried to mend things between them and asked her not to get involved with them.

What happened on RHOBH last week?

Last week on RHOBH, Sutton, Garcelle, Kyle, and Dorit went shopping while Erika, Crystal, Diana, and Rinna went surfing. Erika spoke to Crystal about Sutton calling her a liar. Crystal had earlier accused Sutton of saying racist stuff, which she denied. Erika said to Crystal,

“I want you to stand up for yourself, baby.”

The ladies then cleansed the energy around them with a ritual. Erika defended Crystal in front of Sutton, which Garcelle found weird.

Kyle then revealed,

“Crystal has told me that she has had a falling out with like 14 friends. She knows I know these girls. I do not know all of them. I mean, it’s a lot to be dropped by 14 friends!”

Sutton asked Crystal to vow never to talk wrong about Sutton’s character. Crystal reminded Sutton that she had told her last night that she hated her. Diana believed that Sutton was being contradictory and said,

“I very clearly heard you say you hated Crystal, Sutton.”

Sutton pointed her finger at Diana, saying she was nice. Diana started to cry after the pin-pointing, and Sutton apologized to her.

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