Giving Support to Mawar AFI, Dhawiya Zaida, Elvy Sukaesih’s son, is holding back tears

Mawar AFI vs. Ex-Husband: Mawar AFI’s tale about her ex-husband’s affair has long past viral. So now Dhawiya Zaida as a pal additionally turns out to reinforce him.
Mawar Dhimas or higher known as Mawar AFI abruptly turned into a hot matter of dialog. This is as a result of Mawar revealed that Steno Ricardo, who is now her ex-husband, had an affair.
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Steno is stated to have had an affair with a toddler sitter who is a caregiver for Mawar’s youngsters. Even Steno has formally married the child sitter known as Usi.

And now it sort of feels that Mawar is arguing with her ex-husband after his tale went viral on social media. On the different hand, Mawar is now busy getting reinforce from netizens and her closest buddies.

One of the helps turns out to come from Dhawiya Zaida. Through his add on Instagram Story, Elvy Sukaesih’s kid revealed that he would all the time pray for the best possible for Mawar.

As a pal, Dhawiyah even admitted that she may just not dangle back tears when conveying her message of reinforce for Mawar. Dhawiyah additionally gave the impression to give recommendation to Mawar to be prepared to let her husband cross.

“Assalamualaikum Cici Mawar, O Allah. Anyway, no matter the tale, I’m nonetheless your pal, I nonetheless pray for the right for you, and consider, not anything that God takes from us however will be changed with one thing higher, “stated Dhawiya.

“Wait, I’m crying,” wrote Dhawiya accompanying the video he uploaded on Instagram Story. “I love you,” he added. The add was then re-shared via Mawar.

Mawar gave the impression touched via the reinforce Dhawiyah gave her. “Wawakuu, my dear,” spoke back Mawar via including a hug emoticon and an emoji with a center.

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