Han Ye Seul doesn’t want to force a boyfriend who is 10 years younger to rush into marriage

: In an Instagram reside broadcast, the actress mentioned that she didn’t want to rush her boyfriend who was 10 years younger to marry her.
Han Ye Seul communicated with fanatics by way of conserving a reside Instagram broadcast on February 24. Here, the stunning actress talks about her lover whom she just lately presented to the public.
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In the reside Instagram broadcast. 41-year-old Han Ye Seul expressed her ideas on marriage with her lover. The actress mentioned that she did not want to rush to invite her boyfriend who is 10 years younger to get married.

Han Ye Seul mentioned, “I think I’ll be shooting a drama soon. But I don’t want you guys to do it when it’s cold. I also don’t like long series. I want to star in a drama that is short and bold because I am weak at long-term work.”

A fan mentioned he loved staring at the SBS drama “Birth of a Beauty” starring the actress. Han Ye Seul envied actor Joo Sang Wook by way of pronouncing, “He has a beautiful wife and a baby.”

At the identical time, the actress mentioned, “Others have families and live beautifully, but I have a cute dog girlfriend. Marriage is natural and there is no need to rush. It is also important to enjoy enough love. I hope you guys aren’t in a rush to get married and enjoy dating.”

When requested how he treats his neck wrinkles, Han Ye Seul mentioned, “I’ve been having neck wrinkles lately too. I also apply foundation to make it invisible. But don’t you think it’s normal that we can’t stop growing old?”

Han Ye Seul is in a publicized relationship with Ryu Sung Jae, a former theater actor who is 10 years her junior. The actress is additionally diligent in speaking with fanatics via her YouTube channel.

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