How did Aideen Kennedy die and what was her cause of death? Tributes are paid at funeral for Irish TV journalist

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How did Aideen Kennedy die and what was her cause of death? Tributes are paid at funeral for Irish TV journalist: The popular television presenter named Aideen Kennedy perished just a while ago. We are also shocked after listening to the demise of Aideen Kennedy. She was a popular journalist and television presenter who worked in this field for years. Meanwhile, Aideen Kennedy died after living just 43 years of her life span. Now her fans and followers are keen to learn what is the cause of the death of television presenter Aideen Kennedy. Meanwhile, we have done a brown study on Aideen Kennedy’s cause of death and death news. As per the source, the news of Aideen Kennedy’s death surfaced following a social media post she published on her social media handle in which she described that she was getting palliative care. Here we have written lots of information about Aideen Kennedy. So be sticky with this column and get every bit of information related to Aideen Kennedy’s death news. Scroll it. Follow More Updates On

How did Aideen Kennedy die?

As per the report, Aideen Kennedy posted a post on social media on Friday in which she requested her followers and supporters to stand beside her children Eva and Jacob after her demise. This post was dropped on Twitter by Aideen Kennedy. That is the reason her followers are showing high curiosity to learn what happened to her. Aideen Kennedy’s tweet reads, “kindly look out for my children Eva and Jacob.” She also said that they are the dearest, most thoughtful, and sweetest children.

Aideen Kennedy’s Death Cause

Moreover, Aideen Kennedy also shared an image of her kids along with a picture of a card they crafted for her, the card reads, “To mother, I wish you get well soo. I love you very much”. Meanwhile, many of her colleagues also paid tributes to her. A spokesperson for the UTV stated, “the UTV community is deeply saddened by the death of our friend and colleague Aideen Kennedy.”

Who was Aideen Kennedy?

The statement further reads, “she was a talented and gifted journalist who served for years at UTV.” Aideen Kennedy was the person who brought viewers from across North Ireland. And the UTV community also thanked her for being a part of UTV and they also send heartfelt condolences to Aideen Kennedy’s family during this time. Emma Little Pengelly who is a former DUP MLA said, “I am sorry about her and no more pain for you. No more worries for you.” Stay tuned to this page for more details.

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