Obituary: Brenton Raffensperger Death- How Did Brad Raffensperger Son Die?

Brenton Raffensperger, Brad Raffensperger‘s son breathed his last due to a Fentanyl overdose at the age of 38 back in 2018. The politician’s family went through a distressing moment due to his loss.

The obituary, funeral arrangement, and visitation of Brad’s son aren’t available on the web. Nonetheless, we believe his family must’ve finished all the rituals back in 2018 itself bidding him a last goodbye.

Tweet about Brad's wife and Brenton's widow getting sexual harassing messages from Trump's supporters
Tweet about Brad’s wife and Brenton’s widow getting sexual harassing messages from Trump’s supporters (source :

His father didn’t speak much about his personal life. However, in 2020, Brad was forced to talk about his son as an advocacy group sent voter registration letters for his son who had already died two years ago. 

Since then, the previous Georgia House of Representatives has been very keen to lessen the fraudulent votes in the Georgia area. It wasn’t very thoughtful of previous President Trump to ask him to manage 11,780 illegal votes. 

Unfortunately, apart from the reason for his untimely death, there is not much significant information about Brenton at the moment. He was already married to his longtime girlfriend who is currently living in Washington.

In the concrete, Trump supporters sent sexually harassing messages to the politician’s wife as well as his deceased son Brenton’s widow, stated the reports on the public platform.

After the news of Brenton’s death was disclosed, a lot of tributes and condolence flowed in for the deceased. Thousands of cyber citizens kept his family and wife in their prayers and presently as well.

Brenton's father Brad Raffensperger, CEO at TS Group of Companies
Brenton’s father Brad Raffensperger, CEO at TS Group of Companies (source :

Especially when his widowed wife is being attacked virtually as well as physically for a political agenda. Allegedly, former President Trump’s supporters broke into the house of his widowed wife.

Furthermore, the death news of the politician’s son hit headlines presently after Brenton’s widowed wife and Brad’s wife were reported of received some sexually harassing messages.

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Brenton Raffensperger’s Wife And Family

Late Brenton Raffensperger’s wife’s house is allegedly broken in by former president Trump supporters. Further, detailed information about the incident is yet to surface on the public platform.

Besides learning that he was a married man, unfortunately, further information about his wife is challenging to comprehend at this moment. None of the reliable sources has highlighted the intel about his widowed wife.

Speaking of his family, he was born into a family with a political background. His parents Bred Raffensperger and Tricia Raffensperger welcomed three children including him, yet, he is no more among us. 

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger disclosed an advocacy group sent three voter registration postcards (pictured) to his dead son in 2020 who passed away two years ago in 2018
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger disclosed an advocacy group sent three voter registration postcards (pictured) to his dead son in 2020 who passed away two years ago in 2018 (source :

The politician earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario in civil engineering and a Master of Business administration reportedly from Georgia State University.

Brad is also the CEO of Tendon Systems, LLC, a contracting and engineering firm apart from being widely recognized as a politician. He reportedly accumulated a net worth of $26.5 million from his work in the private sector.

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Brenton Raffensperger Age At Death, Actor Wiki

Brenton Raffensperger died at the age of 38 due to a Fentanyl overdose almost four years ago in 2018. Brenton, unlike his father Brad Raffensperger doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia biography.

Even after years of his death, her mother talks about the fear of her family. ‘I hesitate to say this because I’m afraid someone might use it against me,’, Brenton’s mother said referring to his death.

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