How did Deandra spend $50,000 prize money? Snowflake Mountain winner’s plan explored 

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Netflix recently released its one-of-a-kind adventure survival series titled Snowflake Mountain. The series featured ten rich kids going on an unbelievable camping trip where they were not provided with any modern gadgets.

Spoiler Alert! The rich, bratty snowflake kids are not as spoilt anymore.

In the finale, after a very tough hike, Deandra beat the other finalists on the show, Sunny and Liam Brown, and won the prize money of $50,000. She told viewers that she used the money to open her beauty business called Beaudeeland. She also revealed that she does make-up for clients while her best friend does the hair.

Other than that, she also revealed in an interview that she was working as a lunch lady in a middle school to pay some of the bills of the salon.

Deandra has come a long way from being a 25-year-old living at her parent’s house to being an entrepreneur. She did not reveal if she had moved out of their house.

How has life changed for the other contestants of Snowflake Mountain?

Carl Lariviere

Carl has been accepted into an insurance school and is modeling part-time. He has grown to understand people much better and says:

“Matt and Joel taught me, you know, just to take a deep breath, to just understand that a lot of people are a lot more sensitive than me.”

He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Darriea Clark

Darriea has indeed taken control of her life after Snowflake Mountain as she has moved into her own place and owns an art studio. She said:

“Since coming back from the mountain, I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself – discipline, confidence, risk taking.”

She wants to start her own business one day and feels like she has “won so much in life.”

Devon Smith

Devon is currently saving money to rent a place in New York. She said that the experience taught her to admit when she was wrong and helped her learn how to take help from others.


Olivia went straight to the beauty salon after Snowflake Mountain was shot but has learned to clean. She says that she has gotten more mature and misses the contestants of Snowflake Mountain.

Liam Brown

Finalist Liam Brown is currently working for a global fashion brand and thanked Joel and to clean helping him achieve his “independence and confidence.” He said:

“I have moved out. I got my own apartment. I have got my dream job.”

He also revealed that he had started washing clothes and was seen making soup.

Rae Hume

Rae bought a new house, finally moving out of her mother’s home. She takes life much more seriously and says:

“I’ve refocused all my energy on what I want to achieve for the next few years.”

She plans to travel all across America and wants to start her own business.

Randy Wentworth

Randy has resumed working on his goal of becoming a pro-wrester. He has moved into an apartment near his parent’s house. He did not comment on any of his plans for resuming college.

Sunny Malik

Sunny is currently making a documentary and is the host of his own podcast. He has also shifted into his own apartment. He said:

“The gears have been moving in my life since I got back.”

He thanked Matt and Joel for the transformation.


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