How did Diy Sos Natasha die and what was her cause of death?

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How did Diy Sos Natasha die and what was her cause of death?: In today’s article, we are going to tell you an emotional story after which you get shocked and emotional. This story starts with a nightmare that held in 2007, a happy family was living peacefully, but one day Natasha daughter of Paul & Caroline was playing on a small motorbike and her head got banged with a cupboard when her father went to take her helmet and when he came and see she said I m okay daddy after some time they came to know that she is getting blood from her head. Follow More Updates On

How did Diy Sos Natasha die?

They rushed to the hospital and Caroline said that she remembered that the surgeon is saying she is bleeding badly and after that, they said they can’t do anything to save her. After two days she died and her death brings guilt to Paul. He spent half of the day in that garage, he was heartbroken and blamed himself for her death. After that, she gave birth to a daughter and maned her Paige as this name was given by Reece the son of Paul & Caroline. She thought that Paige can bring the sparkle in Paul’s eyes but nothing happened like that.

Who was Diy Sos Natasha?

After the death of Natasha, he went to the hospital minimum of 22 times a month and his health condition got worse day by day. The doctors said that grief, stress, and anxiety have made his health worse. So he has to take care of himself. He started having pain in his chest for two days and also suffered from cardiac arrest at home. They were in the room and heard a horrible voice and they saw him he was lying on the floor of the garage. He died on the spot. Caroline suffered again from this and she made a decision that she will donate the organs of both to save the life of other people who are in need.

Diy Sos Natasha Cause of Death?

DIY SOS team which is also an award-winning garden designer Art Anderson with some volunteers reached out to them to move on from this incident. The team came to know that the garage is the main thing that brings the memories back to them. So he decided to change the look of that garage and bought some positive things to put down there. More than 300 volunteers came to help the team and made their house a new look for just £75,000. His family got shocked after the outcome and thanked him.

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