James Rado Net Worth

James Rado is worth around 1-5 million dollars from his broadway musical titled Hair, it was an instant success that brought more money and investments from his popularity. 

Similarly, he did not feel like he was gaining positive reviews for his work. Notably, his work includes various musicals, movies, and promotion of his art throughout the world.  Also, his contribution to the drama shall bring forth luck and fortune. 

Furthermore, Rago and Rangi are worked together in multiple musical dramas, and sales of their two biggest productions have netted him to achieve significant wealth through the conceiving of ideas, and translating those ideas into a musical drama has been his strong suit. 

Furthermore, his involvement in the musicals, composing, and direction have been considered to be his significant fields of accomplishments. His composed songs were adapted into films with various soundtracks. 

Additionally, Rado has served in U.S Navy for two years, he is a graduate of The Catholic University of America. Also, the artist wrote music and lyrics for his early musical works. 

James Rado Obituary and Cause of Death

James Rado’s obituary was released by various popular media, they seem to report about the death of the actor due to cardiorespiratory arrest, he led a proud and accomplished life, leaving behind a significant legacy of his accomplishments. 

James Rado with his students teaching various concepts about musical performance.
James Rado with his students teaching various concepts about musical performance. (source :

James Rado died due to cardiorespiratory arrest, he died at the age of 90, he had lived well-off in his retirement age, thus his work is respected and honored by the newer generation. 

In addition, his early work involves his co-authoring his college University of Maryland in their university musical shows. Similarly, he performed in Bombay, precisely working with Ragni his best partner. 

Rado and Ragni had special chemistry while working together. They had developed a serious bond. They collaborated on many projects such as “Hair”. After hair’s success, Rado released his own musical titled “The Rainbow Rainbeam Radio Roadshow.

The artist was considered greater than life, his works include various accomplishments as the artist have performed in “New York International Finge Festival”, “Canstage”, and “Occupy Wall Street”.

Does He Have a Wife?

Unfortunately, not much information is available about the veteran playwright, his wife’s knowledge has not been disclosed, but the artist was likely to be in a relationship.

He also disclosed his identity and his romantic affiliation as “Pansexual” which is attraction towards a person regardless of gender.

Overall, the artist has been respected, lauded, and honored by his colleague, well-wishers, and fans from the hip-hop community. 

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