‘I’m vaccinated, mom!’: Eliana and her son get vaccinated against Covid.

On Instagram, presenter Eliana takes her third dose alongside her 10-year-old son Arthur, who was vaccinated with the first; fans and friends advocate adult vaccination and childhood vaccination. : “’I’m vaccinated, mom!!’. Thank you to science and health professionals. Today was an emotional day for us, I took the third dose and my son was vaccinated against Covid-19. Just reasons to be grateful” was the caption in Eliana’s most recent photo. The 48-year-old presenter took her booster shot on the same day, Monday (21), that her 10-year-old son Arthur was vaccinated with the first dose. Follow Wikistardom for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

In the midst of some negative speeches from those who became known as “antivax”, that is, who is against vaccination, especially in the case of Brazil, that of Covid, celebrities, friends and fans celebrated in the comments of the post.
The actor Ary Fontoura praised: “Beautiful”; follower Andrea Calmeirão says: “Beautiful! May everyone get vaccinated! Only the vaccine saves!”

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Arthur is Eliana’s eldest son, the result of her marriage to music producer João Marcelo Bôscoli, which lasted from 2008 to 2014. As she herself indicates in the photo with the hashtags “mother of a girl” and “mother of two”, her youngest, Manuela, 4 years old, daughter of her current marriage with TV director Adriano Ricco.

In Brazil, although the process has made great progress, 72.3% of the population are still fully vaccinated, even though vaccination is proven to be the most effective way to fight the Corona virus and its variants.
There are 431 million doses distributed, but 380 million doses applied, 51 million doses waiting to be used.

To protect yourself, just research how the vaccination schedule is in your region, make a quick registration and schedule your dose for the most favorable time and place for you and that best suit your routine. All doses, including the third, booster, are free.

Featured photo: Eliana and her son.

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